GRIDCON® ACF compact

A big hit for smaller ratings and tight spaces in 3- or 4-wire environments.

Your benefits at
a glance

  • Wall mounting allows for space-saving installation and decentralized use
  • Touch panel with uniform GRIDCON® ACF operating software
  • Proven MR technology on the inside: Contains an IGBT Power Unit with autonomous control and self-monitoring along with a CCU (Control Computer Unit)
  • Phase conductor and neutral conductor connection which can be compensated with up to three times the phase conductor current

Product description

GRIDCON® ACF compact is always used when only smaller ratings are needed and space is tight. The device offers the same features as GRIDCON® ACF Building version, but in a very compact form:

  • 4-wire device with up to three times the neutral conductor current
  • Operation up to 415 V +10% at full power without derating
  • Rated current of 60 A, can be extended in a modular manner
  • The most compact design of all GRIDCON® ACF versions
  • Low losses
  • Dynamic compensation of reactive power, harmonics, and flicker, as well as load balancing and neutral conductor relief in one unit

Its special characteristics make GRIDCON® ACF compact ideal for decentralized use and suitable for:

  • Offices and commercial buildings
  • Additions to rectifiers
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial plants with small connection ratings

Technical Data

Nominal voltage 400 V (maximum 415 V) +10%
Nominal frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Peak current 2 x rated current
Connection 3-phase + PE + N/PEN, neutral conductor connection mandatory (network topology: TN)

3-wire operation: Outer conductors balanced and unbalanced (positive and negative sequence)     4-wire operation: Additionally neutral conductor (positive, negative and zero sequence) 

Filter function
1.-51. harmonic (50Hz)// 1.-41. harmonic (60Hz)
All harmonics can be filtered simultaneously
Additional functions Dynamic reactive power compensation
Active and reactive power balancing (up to 100% of rated current)
Voltage stabilization via Q(U)-control
Flicker compensation
Neutral conductor relief
Power losses < 2,6 % of compensation power maximum,
< 2,3 % in typical operation, < 0,7 % when idle, < 100 W in standby
Switching frequency 20 kHz (low-loss version)
Control Internal control computer with two digital signal processors
Device setup
and display
Via touch panel with graphic display or internal web server (TCP/IP) and PC –
No additional software required
Response time << 1 ms
Interfaces Ethernet (TCP/IP)
Various field buses via optional Anybus modules (e.g. Profibus, Modbus)
4 x digital output (isolated, parameterized) for status messages
4 x digital input (24 VDC, parameterized) for external control and parameter set selection
Current transformer 3-phase current measurement, xx/5 A or xx/1 A (parameterized)
Current transformers are not included, 15 VA, class 1 or better recommended
Inverter 3-Level IGBT with voltage link (DC electrolytic capacitors)
Coloring Dark grey
(approx. W x D x H)
Device: 441 x 252 x 554 mm
MIO: 243 x 77 x 143 mm
Cooling Air cooling with speed-controlled fans
IP protection degree Standard: IP20, optional: IP21
Ambient conditions Maximum ambient temperature without derating: 40°C
Recommended ambient temperature for continuous operation: < 25°C
Minimum operating temperature: 0°C, relative humidity: maximum 95%
Transport / storage: -20°C .. 70°C
Number of modules 1
Compensation power 42 kvar
Rated current 60 A
Neutral current 180 A
Weight About 58 kg
Extendability Up to 4 extension modules
EMV-class EN 55011, class A1(industrial environment), optional: class B (residential environment)
Standards EN 50178, EN 61439-1, EN 61439-2, EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-4, EN 55011