Uwe Seltsam

    "In 1998, I came to MR's Technical Service as a service technician. Since then, I've received a degree in electrical engineering and then returned as a specialist in troubleshooting in 2004. Now I'm the group manager in this department.

    In troubleshooting, we process all internal and external problems that can't be repaired during normal daily work. Since I'm in close contact with the technical team and our customers, I bring a lot of operational experience into the company from the outside.

    I like the fact that my job brings me into contact with lots of different people and departments and that I get to travel a lot. It's also great to be able to put on my overalls to go out and work on a tap changer but also to put on a suit to meet with our customers. But you need to be flexible to do my job. Faults can happen at any time. There are times when I get a call from a specialist and I have to head off straight away. Once, for example, a steel mill overseas had gone idle. I gathered my materials and tools together and got on a flight immediately together with a service technician. We brought the steel mill's transformer back to life in one work-filled night. I still have the thank you from the head of the steel mill.

    For me, MR means security and an extremely varied job. I really enjoy working so closely with my colleagues. It's all very friendly. MR is a reliable employer which has always helped and encouraged me. For example, I took part in our support program for new talent and was able to add greatly to my personal development."

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