MR delivers TAPCON® 250 including training for California Edison

Retrofit of voltage regulator

Integration in the control system or improving efficiency in parallel operation are only two reasons why old voltage regulators are exchanged for modern devices. However, MR not only supplies state-of-the-art voltage regulators, but also handles device start-up operation and trains staff, as at the utility company Southern California Edison.

In this project, the customer wanted four transformers, split up into two transformer banks each, to operate in parallel. To achieve this, the Reinhausen Manufacturing (RM) service specialists exchanged the old regulators from US manufacturers for TAPCON® 250 voltage regulators on each transformer. The new MR voltage regulators were then set up for parallel operation. As the transformers and the voltage regulators originate from different suppliers and do not have the same performance data or settings, the circulating reactive current method was used for parallel operation. Using this method, the circulating reactive current is calculated via the transformer currents and the phase angles, and minimized by switching the on-load tap-changer before it can actually occur. One major advantage of the TAPCON® series is that no additional devices are required, and each type of parallel operation can be regulated with only one device, in this case the TACPON® 250.

Our Automation&Control (A&C) colleagues at RM supervised the project continuously, from the design phase to installation and start-up. During and after the start-up phase, the technicians at Southern California Edison received training on how to operate the regulators. After successful training, the A&C team left the transformer substation – and the TAPCON® continued to function reliably.

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