Retrofit of electronic temperature monitoring: SP Power Grid decides on MTeC® from Messko

Old mechanical temperature displays need to be recalibrated regularly and are often not able to transfer data. Utility companies therefore frequently decide to replace them with new electronic displays.

This was precisely the case at SP Power Grid, the utility company from Singapore. Those responsible wanted to exchange the old oil and winding temperature displays from a former Swedish manufacturer. After a thorough inspection, the utility company decided on the MTeC® EPT202 from Messko. The key element of the MTeC® EPT202 is its integrated fan controller. Various cooling and ventilation groups can be activated and deactivated as required, which reduces the wear and tear on individual ventilators. In addition, the device offers various interfaces for communicating with the control system.


The local MR agency in Singapore performed the complete installation of devices for all transformers. Pt100 sensors were installed to measure the oil temperature, and the winding temperature is then calculated via the load current in the MTeC® EPT202. After installing the MTeC® devices, the service technicians also exchanged a conventional air dehumidifier for the maintenance-free type MTraB®. In this dehumidifier, a sensor-controlled heating element dries out the silica gel automatically, once it has absorbed sufficient moisture. This ensures that only dry air enters the transformer. SP Power Grid thus saves maintenance costs, as the drying agent does not need to be exchanged.