Flow Indicator - Keeps things moving

Your benefits at
a glance

  • Simple and secure assembly
  • No size adaptation of the paddle or adjustment for different flow speeds necessary
  • No blocking of the paddle
  • Maintenance-free
  • Extremely robust

Product description

The MFloC detects pump failure in power transformer oil or water cooling systems immediately and reliably. A specially designed paddle is placed as flow resistance in the circulating cooling liquid to monitor the flow of the cooling fluid. When the pump is on, the flow pressure applied to the paddle, ensures that it rotates to an end stop and functions safely in case of laminar or non-laminar medium flow. The new MFloC flow indicator uses a patented magnetic coupling to convert the linear paddle motion to a rotary motion to indicate pump operation.Two change-over type microswitches are permanently installed for electrical signaling.

The highlights:

  • Recognition and indication of non-laminar (spiral-shaped) flows in the cooling circulation
  • Easy to mount – no paddle adjustment necessary!
  • One model for all flow speeds and the most popular tube diameters
  • Paddles don‘t ”get stuck“ on the end stops
  • Separate sensor and indicator components with patented magnetic coupling for absolute air tightness
  • Two permanently set switching contacts
  • Flow-oriented paddle, shaped like a spoon
  • Available for oil and other cooling fluids, and in an additional model for water cooled circulations

Longevity and reliability.

The MFloC flow indicator possesses Messko‘s familiar quality features. Its cast aluminum housing is extremely robust and salt water proof. Separation of the sensor and indicator components makes the device absolutely air tight. It can handle ambient temperatures from – 50°C to + 80°C. The indicator has a laminated safety inspection glass that is equipped with a UV filter which effectively prevents the indicator from being bleached out. These quality features guarantee many years of reliable service.

Simple and secure installation.

Installing the MFloC flow indicator is easy. No settings or adjustments to the size of the paddle and the flange. No need to adjust the spring tension to different flow speeds. This not only cuts installation costs but also decreases the possibility of mistakes and thus increases the reliability of the system as a whole.

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