Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen supports research at Istanbul Technical University (ITÜ)

MR donates OILTAP® V and acts as official sponsor for ITÜ

Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) recently donated an OILTAP® V, including the motor-drive unit, to the technical faculty at Istanbul Technical University (ITÜ). The on-load tap-changer is being used for testing and simulations in the Electrical Engineering department.

For three years, scientists at ITÜ have been researching new possibilities in condition monitoring for tap changers. They have since worked out a variety of online and offline methods for condition-based maintenance. The OILTAP® V allows the researchers to review their theoretical results under real-world conditions. The donation is an incredible addition to the equipment on hand at the university.

Christian Fuchs (Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen) and Ibrahim Andiz, Managing Director for REİNHAUSEN ENERJİ ÇÖZÜMLERİ A.Ş. (RTR), were on-site for installation of the tap changer and motor-drive unit and provided their energetic support.  "We would like to express our thanks once again for this support and technical expertise. This intallation would have been virtually impossible without it," said Behnam Feizifar (PhD. candidate) on behalf of the entire Electrical Engineering department at ITÜ.

As an official sponsor, MR will continue to provide support to ITÜ in the future.



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