PrimeLab® DGA Calculator

Through the MESSKO® PrimeLab® DGA calculator we give you the opportunity to interpret DGA results in line with the relevant standards. On the basis of your analysis results, be they real or fictitious, you can undertake different interpretations based on Rogers, Doernenburg, Duval, the basic gas ratios and the CO2/CO ratio in accordance with IEEE C57.104 and IEC 60599 for mineral oils from transformers.

Would you like an extensive, detailed analysis and interpretation of your oil sample? Then, please email . Using their specialist knowledge, our team of experts will advise you on everything from the analysis and interpretation to recommendations for your equipment.

Terms of Use for PrimeLab® DGA calculator

Messko GmbH ("MESSKO") provides the PrimeLab® DGA calculator ("application") free of charge and exclusively for the purpose of DGA interpretation. The application calculates and evaluates gas concentration values measured by and inserted by the user. Evaluations are created automatically based on the relevant standards (IEEE C57.104, IEC 60599). Please note that the use of the application only allows for a first technical pre-verification and if applicable provides a non-binding assessment as to the necessity of further measures. The use of the application is therefore under no circumstances qualified to substitute an extensive and detailed technical inspection and overall interpretation by a specifically trained and qualified person.

MESSKO developed the application with best care and provides the application “as is” and assumes no express or implied warranty and/or liability for accessibility, accuracy or completeness of data generated by using the application or its usability for a particular purpose or conclusions and interpretations based upon it. The liability, based on whatever legal grounds, of MESSKO and its respective employees shall be excluded. No limitation of liability shall be applicable pursuant to statutory provisions under German law in the event of damages caused by willful act, gross negligence or bad faith, in the event of covenant features, in the event of personal injuries or death of physical persons or in the event of property damages pursuant to the German Product Liability Act. In the event of damages arising out or related to negligent infringement of fundamental contractual obligations, MESSKO's liability shall be limited to the foreseeable damage typical for this type of contract.

All and any rights in connection with the application are reserved by MESSKO. The use of the application shall be solely permitted for own business operations and for the purpose described above. Any other types of use whatsoever, in particular the use of the application for or on behalf of third parties, is not permitted. The application is made available on MESSKO’s sole discretion. Therefore, no right or entitlement to the provision of the application may be asserted or claimed. MESSKO shall be entitled at all times to terminate the provision of the application with immediate effect and without prior notice.