Dr. Manuel Sojer

    "I joined MR in 2011. Having spent five years working for a US strategy consultancy, I was taken with the opportunity of not just developing concepts but taking responsibility for putting them into practice too. The move to MR was all the more attractive because the energy revolution means that the company is operating in a highly dynamic industry which offers huge scope to shape and influence the future.

    In my role as Business Development Manager, I develop new areas of business for MR. My remit extends from analyzing interesting markets, recording and systematizing customer requirements, observing the activities of competitors and initiating cooperations and partnerships to marketing new products. At the moment, most of my time is being spent on the market launch for voltage regulated distribution transformers. This MR innovation is helping to make the energy revolution more effective and economical and will have a key role to play in the future smart grid. But the transformers don't sell themselves. In the heavily regulated world of energy technology and the energy revolution being pushed by politicians, many externalities have to be taken into account and network operators have to be convinced of the benefits of the new technology by means of successful pilot projects. The biggest highlight of my time at MR so far was the opportunity to present the world's first series technology for voltage regulated distribution transformer to customers and virtually the entire German trade press in September 2012.

    At MR, I especially value the reputation that the family-run company enjoys in the energy technology sector. It provides a fantastic platform for establishing new business. In our industry, the name "MR" is associated with outstanding products and solutions the world over. So our customers trust us with the toughest problems – knowing full well that we will solve them.

    What are my hopes for the future? The energy revolution is producing lots of new opportunities and possibilities in our industry. I would like to help MR lead in the right direction in these exciting times."

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