Secondary school students

As the requirements vary depending on the specific course of training, they are listed in the respective career description. Generally, you should have good academic performance and, of course, lots of desire to bring with to your future job. But because we also place a great deal of importance on personal values, we expect plenty of engagement, reliability, honesty, and ability to take criticism as well as a high degree of team spirit from you. If, moreover, you have the persistence and will to take on responsibility, high standards - even of yourself - and the desire to develop yourself further, we would be happy to have you begin your training at MR.

Depending on the specific course of training, between two and three and a half years. The duration is noted in the respective career description.

Yes, this is possible. In the cover letter, you can indicate additional apprenticeships that interest you.

In short: Very good! Because, after a successfully completed course of training, we usually hire all trainees.

With us, each person can complete only one one-week secondary school internship. Because due to the high demand, we would like to give as many applicants as possible the chance to check out one of our apprenticeship careers.

Please apply as soon as possible because the demand is high. Above all, vacation periods are very hotly sought after. As needed, you can reserve an appointment; no later than 3 months before the beginning of your internship, however, we require your binding agreement.

The end of the application period is always one year before the beginning of the apprenticeship on September 30th.

Please apply via our online application portal.

You apply via our online application portal. Please make sure that your documents are complete. This includes a cover letter, a complete curriculum vitae in tabular form (including contact details), the most recent certificates as well as any internship certificates and other certificates.

Yes, because during your internship, we would like to discuss your transcript.

The application process at MR is the same for all apprenticeships. Applicants for a dual study programme take an assessment centre instead of the aptitude test before being invited to an interview.

In the aptitude test, we would like to get an impression of you and the specialized knowledge you gained from school, as well as of your practical capabilities. In this way, we will test, alongside your technical and mathematical knowledge, additional capabilities such as logical thought and the ability to think spatially.

In interviews, getting to know one another is at the forefront. Please think about what you can do, what you expect from the apprenticeship, where you want to go and why we and the apprenticeship you seek are a good fit for you. Also think about questions you would like to ask us in the interview. Because that shows us that you are really interested in the apprenticeship at MR. A certain degree of nervousness during the interview is also completely normal. Just be as natural as possible.