MR监控系统 – 一切尽在掌控中





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Efficient control and monitoring of transformers.

  • Innovative top drive or proven drive technology with mechanical drive linkage
  • Integrated motor current monitoring and monitoring of tap position
  • Conforms to IEC 60214-1:2014
Standard functions (contained in every ETOS® design)
  • Status monitoring of the protective devices (e.g. RS2001, Buchholz relay, PRD)
  • Monitoring the oil temperature
  • System voltage, load current, frequency, load factor, active power, reactive power, apparent power
  • Hot-spot calculation in accordance with IEC 60076-7 or ANSI/IEEE C57.91
  • Calculation of aging rate and loss-of-life
  • Tap position capture
Advanced functions
  • Capability of transformer to handle overload in the short or long term with live calculation and simulation of overload forecasts in accordance with IEC 60076-7 or ANSI/IEEE C57.91
  • Calculation of the bubbling temperature
  • Calculation of paper moisture content
Cooling system monitoring
  • Number of starts per cooling level
  • Operating time per cooling level
  • Monitoring of Rth and cooling efficiency
Cooling system control
  • Switching points, hysteresis and delay times adjustable to your needs
  • Various control algorithms (Periodic cooling group activation or predictive cooling)
  • Fail-safe mode
Standard functions
  • Status monitoring of the motor-drive signals
  • Maintenance recommendations and maintenance interval calculation for OILTAP® and VACUTAP®
  • Calculation of contact wear for OILTAP®
  • Tap-position statistics for the OLTC (number of tap-change operations/tap, duration per tap)
  • Monitoring of OLTC oil temperature
Advanced functions
  • Motor current index in accordance with IEEE PC57.143
  • ETOS® ED: OLTC torque monitoring
  • Online recording of up to ten corrosive gases, relative moisture in oil and relative overall gas content
  • Configurable limit value for each gas
  • Diagram of the measured values
  • Measured value memory
  • Universal 4…20mA or Modbus RTU Interface for capturing the DGA sensor signals
  • Standard evaluation methods in accordance with Duval, Rogers, Dörnenburg and IEC 60599
Standard functions
  • Measurement of system voltage and load current (single- or three-phase)
  • One desired value
  • Voltage regulation with linear delay time T1
  • Status of the motor-drive unit
Advanced functions
  • Various types of desired-value setting (three or fi ve desired values, TAPCON® Dynamic Setpoint Control, desired-value setting via analog value, raise/lower pulse, desired value via BCD)
  • Automatic voltage regulation with linear or integral time characteristics and two delay times T1 and T2
  • Parallel operation via CAN bus (up to 16 transformers)
  • Line drop compensation (RX or Z compensation)
  • Monitoring of bandwidth
  • Function monitoring
  • Limit-value monitoring
  • Monitoring of changes in C1 capacitance
  • Monitoring of the dissipation factor (tan δ)
  • System voltage
Additional functions
  • Freely programmable digital and analog inputs and outputs
  • Open programming with function blocks possible with TPLE function
  • Optional: Integration of functions in a motor-drive unit for the on-load tap-changer (side drive or innovative top drive)
  • Optional: Integration of the complete control including power unit of a conventional cooling system. Can also be combined with the advantages of intelligent cooling system control, such as predictive cooling, on request
  • Visualization using web server (SVG and HTML 5) included as standard for various end devices
  • IEC61850 Ed. 1 and Ed 2. MMS, and GOOSE
  • IEC60870-5-101, -103, -104
  • DNP3
  • Modbus TCP, RTU, ASCII
  • Remote maintenance support