Power control for every enviroment.

Your benefits
at a glance:

  • Dynamic compensation in one unit
  • For challenging tasks up to 400 V
  • Modular design expandable from 72 A to 360 A
  • Low losses

GRIDCON® SVG (Static Var Generator) provides reliable and accurate compensation for optimal reactive power. It measures the current and voltage of a grid segment and supplies precisely the current required for the desired effect.


Functions and customer benefits

  • Optimal reactive power for industrial applications and buildings:
    GRIDCON® SVG provides dynamic reactive power compensation which conventional compensation systems such as capacitor banks cannot.
  • High stability:
    GRIDCON® SVG has a modular structure and ensures resilience to faults by using redundant modules.
  • Reducing investment costs:
    GRIDCON® SVG can be modularly extended and adapted to future consumer structures.
  • Practical service approach:
    GRIDCON® SVG is designed to allow operators to quickly and easily replace individual components.

Possible applications for GRIDCON® SVG


Are you sure that your production facilities are sufficiently protected against disruptions? We are happy to carry out a comprehensive grid analysis with you in order to proactively identify any possible problems. Naturally, should you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time.