GRIDCON® Transformer

Total voltage control for distribution grid operators.

Your benefits
at a glance:

  • Compact – the device’s "footprint" is no different from that of a conventional transformer
  • The primary technology requires no maintenance
  • An expected lifespan of 40 years
  • A wide regulating range, allowing it to regulate even larger voltage deviations

GRIDCON® TRANSFORMER is a highly compact transformer for medium-voltage grids with an integrated on-load tap-changer. Regardless of generation and load, it adapts the voltage to the ideal desired value dynamically and without interrupting operation.


Functions and customer benefits

  • Preventing production disruptions:
    The GRIDCON® TRANSFORMER ensures that consumers on industrial grids have a stable supply of voltage regardless of the volatility of the medium voltage and prevents malfunctions that can shut down sensitive processes.
  • Reducing operating costs:
    The GRIDCON® TRANSFORMER reduces the energy consumption of industrial loads by providing them with voltage at the optimal operating point.
  • Obtaining and retaining operating permits:
    As a component of dispersed energy-generation systems (e.g. wind turbines), the GRIDCON® TRANSFORMER decouples the secondary voltage from the line voltage at the generator, thus ensuring that the generating system is continuously supplied with nominal system voltage, and therefore that the full reactive power capacity specified in the grid connection requirements can be utilized.

Possible applications for GRIDCON® Transformer


Are you sure that your production facilities are sufficiently protected against disruptions? We are happy to carry out a comprehensive grid analysis with you in order to proactively identify any possible problems. Naturally, should you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time.