Voltage regulating distribution transformers

Pad-mount, pole-mount or compact station transformers with On-Load Tap-Changers are the solution to...

+ de-couple the voltage of the primary distribution (medium voltage grid) from that of the secondary distribution (low voltage grid)

+ increase hosting capacity of feeders/circuits, allowing integration of additional generation

+ enable load growth as an alternative to network expansion, for instance due to increasing electric vehicle charging


+ take more benefits of Energy Efficiency and CVR (Conservation Voltage Reduction) schemes, enabling

more significant voltage reduction for customers close to the substation, while customers at the end of the feeder will receive required voltage compliant to the voltage bandwidth

either autonomous operation or switching via (SCADA) system commands


+ provide voltage stability for customers with voltage issues by keeping the voltage within defined bandwidth, especially for remote agricultural operations and commercial businesses with machinery

+ reliably regulate even large voltage fluctuations and stabilize industrial processes

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Proven technology for more than 90 years.
ECOTAP® VPD® On-Load-Tap-Changers are maintenance-free for 500,000 operations