Development programs

Our employees' personal development is very important to us and is central to our company philosophy. Every single employee is accompanied and supported by professional mentoring along their way to personal development. Well-aimed development programs enable everyone on our team to deepen and strengthen their individual abilities.

Creating experts and project managers

In addition to the classical management track, we also offer specialist development programs and career options. Experts and project managers are revolutionaries in energy technology and are crucial to developing our products further and shaping them to the needs of the future. Experts in the energy industry, certain technologies and/or individual regions assume important tasks. Through individualized internal and external training, we turn our talented employees into sought-after experts in their field.

Promoting junior employees

At our company, employees and their individual qualities are the center of attention. For this reason, we have been investing for years in a well-aimed development program that offers customized modules on "leadership" and an exchange with other talented individuals as well as with our upper management. Those in leadership positions receive numerous offers that constantly refresh the qualifications for this important task.

Equal opportunity is not a gender issue, it's a #CommunityIssue

Equal opportunity is of the utmost importance to us. This includes an environment in which equal entry and advancement opportunities are a given for women and men. We therefore promote a company culture that establishes diversity and gives women and men equal support in their professional development.


Job opportunities