Talent development

We promote the courage and will of every single employee who wants to #AssumeResponsibility and recognize new professional challenges and opportunities within the company. We precisely determine the potential of our employees and together create a development and succession plan. This gives our employees the best advancement opportunities.

Internal career

All vacancies are announced on our transparent, internal online career tool, for all employees to see. But there's more. At our internal job fairs, representatives from different departments present current and upcoming vacancies and also offer insights into the variety of tasks and the team.

Work-meets-culture programs

Not only do we promote exchange across locations, we also offer various opportunities to gather international experience. Our employees have the opportunity to be posted internationally or to participate in international projects for long or short periods, allowing them to develop intercultural competence and form global networks to drive an active exchange of knowledge.


Those who accomplish much are rewarded. Talents@MR is aimed at students who have performed very well in their internship, work-study activities or thesis. We would like to stay in touch with these individuals even after they leave our company, so that their path eventually leads back to us.


Job opportunities