Christina Hechfellner

    Training: Dual studies (Bachelor of Arts in Business Management)
    Training specialty: Industrial Business Management

    "I decided to pursue my dual studies in Industrial Business Management at MR due to the excellent reputation the company's training program enjoys and the high standard of quality it offers.

    The company has a wide variety of training departments, through which trainees familiarize themselves and circulate. This gives them comprehensive insight into the various processes throughout the company. In addition, the extra training sessions and workshops are extremely interesting. My favorite part is interacting with colleagues and the speed with which one can integrate into the respective departments.

    The highlights of my time at MR so far have been the orientation days for all new trainees and dual students, the employee party and the trainee preparation days.

    After completing my vocational training, I might get on board with MR as a full-time employee, or I might start working towards my Master's and have a side job there, for example as a working student."