Martin Guth

    Training: Dual studies (Bachelor of Engineering)
    Training specialty: Mechatronics, Major: Mechatronics

    "Even during the process of deciding on the dual studies program in Mechatronics, I was impressed by the fantastic atmosphere at MR. As a result, and informed by the training program's good reputation and the wide variety of possibilities it opens up, I decided to do my training at MR.

    I couldn't be more impressed with the multifaceted nature of the training and of the job responsibilities. In particular, being able to work on my own projects, with the end result being a functioning system, is incredibly rewarding.

    My highlight to date has been programming an elevator, then testing its function based on a model.

    After completing my dual studies program, I would like to remain a part of MR, possibly taking an assignment abroad.

    My tip, from an experienced trainee to prospective trainees: An open and friendly demeanor will get you the best reception at MR. Great value is placed on the human touch and good interaction."