Moritz Bengler

    Education: M. Sc. Mechanical Engineering
    Position: Designer for new developments
    At MR since: August 2011

    "When I was studying for my master's, I wanted to gain some practical experience too. A student placement in the MR development department was just perfect for me. As a work-study intern, I was active in development engineering and designed and ran calculations for modules for on-load tap-changer components there. While I was there, I particularly liked that I was able to use my mechanical engineering knowledge in the electrical engineering field of power engineering. Since I was unfamiliar with the field at the time, I was able to learn a lot of new things during that period.
    After being in the work-study program for just under 1.5 years, I wrote a master’s thesis on simulation relating to "Current resistance in oil-filled on-load tap-changers". A good decision, since I wasn't just able to combine theory, design, simulations and experiments perfectly with each other, I was also able to take advantage of the extensive support from my advisors and colleagues.
    After finishing my degree, I was ultimately taken on as design engineer.

    What has been the highlight for me so far? My most enjoyable moment at MR was certainly when after spending almost a year developing a product on the PC I actually saw the first real product that I had been involved in.

    Generally speaking what I really like about MR is the excellent working atmosphere and the fact that my team is made up of lots of experienced and young people. It's also great that we all have the freedom to pursue our own ideas. Since I love sport, I was delighted with the wide range of sporting activities available. I'm currently training with the MR running and volleyball teams.

    In the future I'm looking forward to lots more exciting development work and increasing levels of responsibility at MR because I'd like to stay here for a while yet."