MESSKO® MTRAB® 2.5 DB 200D dehydrating breather

Dehydrating breather for transformer: Accessories in the Premium series for transformers

Your benefits at
a glance

  • Maintenance-free dehydrating breather
  • DIN flange for optimal mounting
  • Test button for performing self-tests and indication of the current humidity level
  • Optional: Offshore model, filter heater for use in temperatures as low as -50 °C and a data logger
  • Optional: Modbus capability for Integration into monitoring Systems (e.g. ETOS®)
  • Optional: Protection of the electrical lines from damage (such as gnawing by animals)

Dehydrating breather for use with generator transformers, network intertie transformers, phase shifters, shunt reactors, HVDC transformers.

Areas of application: Dehydrating breathers from Messko®

MESSKO® MTRAB® 2.5 DB200D dehydrating breathers with beta control system

Self-learning system, which is recommended for use with transformers (generator transformers, network-intertie transformers, phase shifters, shunt reactors, HVDC transformers) with cyclic loading. In addition to monitoring the humidity, it determines a time window in which the oil expansion vessel expels air and the dehydrating chambers are regenerated.

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Data logger for recording the temporal function sequence of the dehydrating breather


Areas of application in detail:
MESSKO® MTRAB® 2.5 DB200D dehydrating breather for transformers

Application MESSKO® MTRAB® 2.5 type Control system*
Generator and network intertie transformers 200 MVA DB200D-T β
Phase shifters > 200 MVA DB200D-T β
Shunt reactors > 200 MVar DB200D-T β
HVDC transformers DB200D-T β