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GRIDCON® High Power Charger

Ready for the future. Linking energy and transport transitions.

GRIDCON® HPC (High Power Charging) is a flexible, efficient and future-oriented solution for high-power charging stations. The bidirectional, fast-charging stations enable low-loss coupling to other DC systems such as battery storage or additional GRIDCON® HPC units. The integrated bidirectional AC-DC converter links connected batteries to the distribution grid and also facilitates the use of battery-powered vehicles as bidirectional mobile storage units within future smart grids.

Your Advantages at a Glance

  1. Fast charging of electric vehicles with up to 250 kW

  2. Liquid-cooled power electronics and charging cable for quiet, continuous operation even in challenging environments

  3. Bidirectional operation opens up new business models for depot solutions and SmartGrid applications

  4. Efficiency: System is designed for highly efficient charging and connection of electric batteries or distributed renewable generation via DC

  5. Marketing screen (optional) adds value to your brand and campaigns

  6. Lower costs for your grid connection

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