Transformer services

Maximum availability. Ideally planned.

Whether you operate a single power transformer or a whole fleet of them, you always need to be confident you are taking the right actions at the right time for reliable operation. This is where our know-how and our experts come in. We can help with targeted planning and technical implementation of various services. As an independent supplier, we can show you the precise solution that is tailored to your needs – no more and no less.

What we offer

What we offer

We offer a constantly growing range of transformer services. From installation to decommissioning, we are your first contact over the entire service life of your equipment. We can identify irregularities early and respond to them using different analysis methods, like oil analysis, electrical measurements or an extensive condition assessment (TESSA® FLEETSCAN 2D). We perform maintenance and repair work such as fixing leaks, treating oil and repairing or replacing components regardless of the manufacturer.  In order to ensure a long service life for your equipment, we also offer modernization work and our performance contracts, where we take on complete service responsibility.

The availability of individual services can vary by region.