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Power Conversion & DC grids

Power electronic systems for the power grids of the future.

The world's energy systems are changing. Electricity has a key role to play in the shift to CO2-neutral systems. Our GRIDCON® Power Conversion and charging systems are the efficient solution for a variety of applications: For example, by converting the DC voltage of a battery into the AC voltage of the power grid. Or by adapting the generated energy of a photovoltaic system to a buffered DC grid for charging electric vehicles.


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GRIDCON® Power Conversion System

GRIDCON® PCS (power conversion system) is a versatile, modular power converter/inverter system for DC and AC supply in the low-voltage range that can…
+ Modular design of hardware & software
+ Bring power quality functions such as harmonics filtering to your energy storage system
+ Benefit from a global service network

GRIDCON® DC Transformer

DC networks offer various advantages over the classic supply with AC voltage. Electronic loads such as servers or frequency converters work with DC…
+ Galvanically isolated and bidirectional DC/DC converter
+ Efficiency > 98,5% in typical operation
+ Modular system with 75 kW units


GRIDCON® DCC (DC Charger) is a flexible, efficient and future-oriented solution for DC-fast charging stations being connected to a local DC grid. The…
+ Depot & destination charging of cars, busses & trucks
+ Direct, low-loss DC coupling with PV generation & energy storage
+ Overcome grid limitations and build more charge points according to your needs
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