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Thermometer accessories

From kick protection to digital measured value transmission to testing and measuring systems – MR offers an optimal solution for your transformer for any application. Our thermometer accessories are precisely coordinated with our thermometer range to make the combination of the devices as simple as possible.


ZT-F2 is a temperature transmitter for TRASY2 which is required for measuring winding temperature with TRASY2. It offers quick and easy configuration…
+ Installation possible in all common thermometer pockets in accordance with EN50216-4

MESSKO® Multi-Ballast

The universal ballast transforms the CT currents of 1 A, 1.5 A, 3 A, 4 A and 5 A to the current required for the thermal image. The ballast is suited…
+ Universal device for the TRASY2 and COMPACT series
+ Transforms 1 A, 1.5 A, 3 A, 4 A and 5 A
+ Different designs available for delivery


The PQ electric coil indicator is a display instrument for installation in control panels. The PQ96/144 coil indicator is available in 96 mm and 144…
+ Coil indicator for control panel installation


D1272AT digital indicators are used for the remote display of the oil or winding temperature and the oil level. They are installed into control…
+ Digital indicator for control panel installation
+ Freely adjustable limit contacts
+ Various output signals


You can use the CT current simulator in the test field, during commissioning or during maintenance of CT-current-powered temperature measurements. It…
+ Use in the test field, during commissioning or during maintenance
+ Compact design specifically for service purposes – easy to transport
+ Simple operation and high functional safety

MESSKO® Thermo well and kick protection

Standard thermo well for installation of the oil thermometer into the thermometer pocket in accordance with DIN 42554. Kick protection against…

MESSKO® Combi Well

The combi well, like the thermo well, is an assembly sleeve for the oil thermometer. It can be installed in the thermometer pocket in accordance with…


Using the Pt-MU measuring transducer, the signal of a Pt100 is converted into a standard signal proportional to the temperature. For example, the…
+ Measuring transducer for Pt100


The IgT-MU measuring transducer is used to transform and galvanically isolate direct current or direct voltage into an impressed direct current and…
+ Direct current measuring transducer


The portable MZT1650S calibration bath reliably checks the thermometers for transformers and industrial systems. The rear part of the rugged steel…
+ Reliable testing of thermometers in transformer and industrial systems
+ Mobile applicable
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