Flow indicator

Flow monitors for different pipe diameters

Flow monitors immediately and reliably detect malfunctions in the oil or water cooling circuit of a power transformer. To monitor the flow of the cooling liquid, a specially designed paddle is placed in the cooling circuit as a flow resistor.


MESSKO® MFLOC 2.0 immediately and reliably detects a pump failure in the coolant circuit of a power transformer. There are various versions for oil,…
+ State-of-the-art paddle design and material – manufactured from glass fiber-reinforced plastic
+ Reworked internal architecture (switch position / new switch cam)
+ Optimized venting


CEDASPE® CCL2 detects the operation of circulation pumps in cooling installations, especially of electric transformers, for detecting the flow of oil…
+ Variants for oil or water available
+ Compact design
+ Pipe diameter: DN 50 up to DN 300


CEDASPE® SCFR2 checks the circulation of dielectric fluids in the cooling installations of electric transformers according to French standard NF C…
+ Two-parts construction with detachable back flange
+ Pipe diameter: DN 80 up to DN 400
+ Flow: from 0,5 m/s up to 3 m/s
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