21.06.2021 Products and Services

Virtual customer service

Supporting you best, even at a distance

The current Corona restrictions continue to limit our service business since the travel necessary for our service specialists to provide maintenance, commissioning and in-time troubleshooting at customers’ sites is often not possible. To provide you with the best possible and immediate support despite the difficult Corona situation, we have developed various virtual formats such as remote support, live maintenance tutorials and online training and seminars to support you optimally, even from a distance.

In addition to the service technicians who perform commissioning, maintenance work or upgrades or are called in for urgent help in the event of malfunctions, it is primarily our Customer Support colleagues who regularly travel to our customers world-wide to provide training and education. These trainings are extremely valuable for both customers and for us from many points of view. For one, customer satisfaction is a central pillar of our philosophy and close customer contact and comprehensive customer service help to increase customer satisfaction and attachment to MR. Additionally, professionally well-trained customer employees install our products correctly, thus ensuring safe operation over the promised life cycle. Furthermore, during training sessions, our experts can identify potential handling errors or documentation gaps and eliminate these from the outset which contributes to trouble-free operation for all affected parties.

In the current Corona situation where face-to-face training is not possible, flexibility, adaptability and new ideas are required and digital offerings can help to replace physical presence. So we are taking advantage of the opportunities provided by digitization to offer virtual customer trainings – which are enjoying particularly strong demand in regard to our current product portfolio, e.g. ETOS®, VACUTAP® VR® and ECOTAP® VPD®. In addition to online tutorials, we also provide live practical trainings in which MR colleagues instruct customers in real time in various fields of action, such as connecting the ETOS® drive; providing tips and advice on high-voltage testing; or disconnecting electronic components for transformer testing. Customers gratefully accept these offerings and just recently a customer expressed its gratitude for an approximate 2-hour support session in an explicit letter of commendation to MR.

We plan to expand these services even further and want to provide even more targeted remote support in the future also beyond the pandamic - for example with online videos regarding installation or with "VR glasses". For us, it is both motivating and reassuring that we can continue to support and accompany our customers well even at a distance.