16.05.2018 Company

Two scholarship holders of the Scheubeck Jansen Foundation go their way

For ten years now, the Scheubeck-Jansen Foundation (SJS) has been promoting the academic further education of trainees who want to embark on technical studies with its "Talents from the Practice" scholarship program. This was also the case for Albert Pfeffer and Michael Überrigler, who received the SJS scholarship during their studies and have now successfully completed the sponsored studies.

As part of the regular scholarship holders' meeting, the two graduates presented their bachelor's theses. Albert Pfeffer (Mechanical Engineering course) made it his task to work out the "Entwicklung einer alternativen Gewichtskompensation für einen Hebeschutz" (Development of an alternative weight compensation for a lifting protection) at Krones AG and Michael Überrigler (Electrical Engineering and Information Technology course) dealt with the "Untersuchung zur Kostenreduzierung und Umsetzung von Designoptimierungen für das Messmodul MIO3V4C" (Investigation for cost reduction and implementation of design optimizations for the MIO3V4C measuring module) at Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR). In addition to presenting the topic, the two also had plenty of tips and recommendations for the active scholarship holders on how to successfully implement a bachelor thesis. For Albert Pfeffer, his studies will continue with a master's degree, while Michael Überrigler will start at Continental in the environmental laboratory. Both scholarship holders expressed their sincere thanks to the SJS for the financial support and the excellent assistance in all matters concerning their studies. The close and friendly cohesion within the scholarship holders was particularly emphasized.

"Financial support is certainly an important aspect, but personal development and the community within the scholarship holders are particularly close to our hearts. We specifically promote open contact and pay particular attention to commitment and social characteristics when selecting scholarship holders," says Susanne Scheubeck, CEO of the Scheubeck-Jansen Foundation.

The fact that the idea of exchange is actively lived is shown by five field reports on internships of active scholarship holders, which were also presented. Whether at Schneider-Elektrik, Audi Sport, Holmer Maschinenbau, the German Armed Forces or abroad at MR/USA. All scholarship holders had informative presentations in their luggage and gave the other scholarship holders very interesting insights into the different companies and tasks.

Currently, 15 scholarship holders receive funding from the SJS. They receive a monthly grant and - through the cooperation with Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) - the opportunity to complete internships or stays abroad at MR's subsidiaries. In addition, various seminars are offered to complement the studies. Further information on the Scheubeck-Jansen Foundation and the scholarship program can be found at www.scheubeck-jansen-stiftung.de.