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Technology partnership for intelligent transformers

GANZ Transformers and Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen cooperate as solution providers.

GANZ Transformers and Electric Rotating Machines Ltd. and Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) have entered a groundbreaking cooperation. On April 13, 2022, Jan Prins (CEO GANZ) and Jürgen Ach (Director Automation, MR) signed a contract for close cooperation in the development and production of intelligent transformers. As a Hungarian pioneer of transformer technology, GANZ is thus positioning itself as a digital solution provider and will in future consistently rely on the proven ISM® digitalization platform from MR, the world market leader in the control of power transformers. Sustainability and digitalization are also becoming increasingly important in the electricity industry, and the current agreement will help the parties to become market leaders in the production of more efficient and sustainable transformers.

CEO Jan Prins explains this step as follows: "The megatrends of decarbonization and digitalization have arrived in electrical power technology. Renewable energy sources, volatile grids, aging infrastructure and increasing cost pressure on operators require new approaches to asset management. We are experiencing an increasing demand for sensors and rating systems for new transformers and if we want to be at the manufacturers forefront, we have to keep working on new developments and looking for new solutions. In the medium term, we want to be more than just a system integrator, but offer our customers a superior automation and digitalization solution - with a holistic data and communication concept, based on our in-depth expertise in thermal modeling, active part design, customer application and environment. This requires novel eco systems and we chose ETOS® based on ISM® from MR in our search for an affordable, reliable and stable automation and digitalization platform."

ISM® (Intelligent Smart Module) consists of robust and modular hardware and a software operating system for transformers. Jürgen Ach comments: "It is not reasonable to permanently mount subsystems on the transformer for each module or physical parameter and to regulate their data and communication separately. I am convinced that transformer manufacturers with their broad expertise can drive the integration of the various subsystems and data sources and act in a changed role as solution providers. At this point, there is a great opportunity for them to break out of their previous business models and build up a more differentiating position. Last year, we established the business segment for cooperation with transformer manufacturers in order to jointly design new types of optimized value chains. We understand our role as a complexity manager and offer our stable ISM® platform with all basic functions and applications at attractive prices. Our goal is to establish a standard in the market and thus generate a win-win situation for operators, transformer manufacturers and MR. We are convinced that intelligent transformers are not only useful in critical grid nodes but are also part of the solution for the grids of tomorrow."

Jan Prins adds: "We do not have to develop electronics or basic functionality to offer a valuable range of solutions with our specific market and transformer expertise. The key is to intelligently merge available modules, functions and data, enhance them with our expertise in design and operation, and to provide customers with an integrated solution with central interfaces. I believe that, in addition to helping to greening the industry, this major development will greatly support GANZ in achieving its growth plans and further strengthening its international position.”

Founded in 1844 by Ábrahám Ganz, the company is considered a pioneer of today's power and transformer technology. This pioneering spirit is still tangible there today and is being revived under new management after a change of ownership. The technical expertise is deeply rooted in the region, production facilities and infrastructure have been modernized with the support of the new owner. Together with the further professionalization of processes by the new management, GANZ supplies products at the highest technical level with series voltages of up to 800kV. By combining technical expertise, pioneering spirit and strategic repositioning, a new spirit has emerged, and the management consistently focuses on innovation as well as automation and digitalization of its transformers.

Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH (MR), based in Regensburg, is successfully active in global niches of electrical power technology with 45 subsidiaries and 4 associated companies.  Founded in 1868, the company is majority family-owned by the fifth generation. In the past fiscal year, 3,500 employees generated sales of 740 million euros. 50% of the electricity generated worldwide is controlled with MR products. Well known as the innovative founder of the OLTC, Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen introduced the ISM® platform and developed ETOS®, the first open operating system for power transformers.

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