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Stopped by Corona? No, we are where we are needed!

The outbreak of the coronavirus in the world has made us experience full of challenges. However, the virus cannot make us shrink back. MR China always gives its customers always full support.


As a key national construction project in China, Changji-Guquan 1100kV HVDC is the most important project for the transmission of Northwest power to east China and related to the national economy and people's livelihood.

In order to ensure that the retrofit project of tap-changer in Guquan Converter Station of the SGCC can be completed as planned, MR China experienced challenges during the pandemic period and fully supported and cooperated with the unified deployment of the SGCC, to fully resume construction in response to the impact of the pandemic.

The MR China team, consisting of colleagues from technical service and sales, left home at the height of the pandemic in February. In accordance with government requirements, the team was required to conduct a 14-day quarantine observation before entering the station. In order to save time, the practical operation and experimental training of the switch operation was carried out during the isolation. During this time, all difficulties caused by the lack of transport means for test equipment and corresponding training locations could be overcome.

From the beginning of March, when the MR China team entered the converter station, until April 5, the retrofitting of the 48-pole tap-changer was completed ahead of schedule with the remote support of German colleagues from service and engineering. Under the protection of effective measures no infection occurred. After the experience with the threat of the corona virus, the lack of on-site support from the German colleagues from the technical service and the negative weather conditions, this is a great success.

Stopped by Corona? No, we are where we are needed!

Two TS engineers on-site: Mr. Qin Houjin and Mr. Zhang Weijun (from left to right)