27.06.2022 Projects

Solar Power Plant in Cambodia

Standard-compliant connection conditions of a Solar Power Plant in Cambodia

MR-Power Quality supported our partner company Pestech International Bhd. in Ma-laysia with the standard-compliant integration of a solar power plant with 20 MWp in the distribution network of the Bavet region in Cambodia.
During the project planning phase, a network analysis and extensive calculations were used to develop a compensation concept for the solar inverters in order to operate the solar power plant in accordance with the applicable connection standard, taking into account all possible switching states.

The assembly of the individual components produced by our European suppliers as well as the commissioning was accompanied remotely with the support of the PQ special engineers from Germany. This approach also served as an endurance test for the com-munication tools that were successfully introduced and tested during the Corona Pan-demic.

The commissioning of the system and the required proof of performance were success-fully completed in January 2022. MR-PQ thus creates another valuable reference for customer-specific solutions in remote regions of the world.

For more than 20 years, MR's PQ Power Quality department has designed customized filter and compensation systems to ensure clean low, medium and high voltage networks as well as extra high voltage networks worldwide. The main areas of activity are the reduction of harmonics, the compensation of reactive power, voltage stabilization and, increasingly, ac-tive power energy management in public and industrial distribution networks.

Figure: General Layout Drawing (side view) of the Harmonic Filter Circuit (C-Type configuration)

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