29.07.2019 Company

Richard Scheubeck appointed honorary senator of the OTH Regensburg.

Merits of the former Chairman of the Board of the Scheubeck-Jansen Foundation honored.

Richard Scheubeck is the new honorary senator of OTH Regensburg. The official awarding of the title took place last Friday, July 26, at the OTH Regensburg on the occasion of the meeting of the University Council of the OTH Regensburg.

The decision to award the honorary senatorship was made by the OTH Regensburg Senate, on the recommendation of the university management. "Richard Scheubeck has rendered outstanding services to the OTH Regensburg. In the meantime, we owe him three endowed professorships in highly innovative future fields," Prof. Dr. Birgit Rösel, Chair of the Senate, praised his achievements. To date, the OTH Regensburg has ten honorary senators, including, for example, Dipl.-Betriebswirt Hans-Jürgen Thaus, retired deputy chairman of the board of Krones AG, or Prof. Dr. Friedrich Mielke, founder of scalalogy (= staircase science) and initiator of the Friedrich Mielke Institute for Scalalogy at the OTH Regensburg. Richard Scheubeck is currently the eleventh honorary senator at OTH Regensburg. Richard Scheubeck: "I feel very honored and appreciated by the award. I am proud to be a part of the OTH Regensburg. At the same time, I am aware that I am accepting this special award on behalf of the Scheubeck-Jansen Foundation."

Richard Scheubeck holds a degree in business administration and is a founding member and former chairman of the board of the Scheubeck-Jansen Foundation. "Since its establishment in 2001, the Scheubeck-Jansen Foundation has been dedicated to promoting science and research as well as education and training in the region. The main focus of support is the STEM sector in the region," explains Scheubeck. That's why, for example, the foundation awards scholarships to "talents from the field" who start technical studies after completing their training. "This promotes young people's interest in studying STEM subjects and benefits the universities," says Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Baier, president of OTH Regensburg. "OTH Regensburg also receives particularly strong and direct support through what are now three endowed professorships from the Scheubeck-Jansen Foundation."

Three endowed professorships

OTH Regensburg received its first endowed professorship back in 2001, the year the foundation was established, for the teaching area of sensor technology. "Thanks to this endowed professorship, we were able to expand our competencies in this important key technology and put them on a broad footing," emphasizes the president of OTH Regensburg. "It was the starting point for the development of the sensor technology cluster, the impetus for the "Sensor Technology and Analytics" degree program and, at the same time, the cornerstone for the Sensor Technology Application Center, which we established in March 2010. There are now 40 employees working here."

As a second endowed professorship, a professorship for the study and research area of biomedical engineering followed in 2012, including a research assistant position. The professorship was advertised and filled with the teaching area of biofluid mechanics. At the same time, the endowed professorship was intended to promote interdisciplinary cooperation between OTH Regensburg and the University of Regensburg. Therefore, when the contract with the Scheubeck-Jansen Foundation was signed at that time, an agreement was also signed between OTH Regensburg and the University of Regensburg, in which the establishment of the joint Regensburg Center of Biomedical Engineering was regulated and decided.

The third endowed professorship was agreed for the teaching area of "Artificial Intelligence in Additive Manufacturing," also with a research assistant position. "Once again, the Scheubeck-Jansen Foundation is taking up an innovative topic for the future," Prof. Dr. Rösel, Chair of the Senate, is certain. "The Senate and university management are therefore convinced that this third professorship will also provide similar impetus and initiate comparable developments."