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31.08.2021 Products and ServicesProjects

PQ goes upnorth – Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen's power quality division provides 21 kV harmonic filter system into Norway

Already since decades the MR-PQ group provides solutions for the chemical industry all over the world. As the requirements for a reliable and continuously power supply becomes more and more important and also the unscheduled down times of the production plant should be as less as possible, specific power quality solution are mandatory in order to comply with those requirements.

In 2020 MR-PQ started the development of a 21 kV harmonic filter solution for a customer in Norway. The plant is characterized by powerful thyristor-based electrolyzer lines, which are mainly used for the production of chlorine.

The operation of the thyristor-electrolyzer is combined with significant contribution of harmonic currents into the feeding grid. Depending on the network conditions the voltage profile is affected and limits of individual harmonics are exceeded and not in line with the given grid operator standards (see red voltage profile in picture left).

First of all load flow and harmonic measurements in the 21 kV network have been performed in order to define the “status quo” of the grid conditions, followed by a network study. The so called “design freeze” milestone finalized the study work and served the electrical parameter for all the components. The mechanical design for the enclosures was one of the last stages. Due to MR-PQ´s experiences in the provision of customized E-House solution, also in this project such an E-House solution has been proposed.

One feature of the provided solution is the separated MV-room, where all the MV harmonic filter relevant components are installed. This room is interlocked during the operation. The control room of the E-House is accessible all the time and accomodates the SF6 switchgear system as well as the control panel. Part of the project scope was also the refurbishment of the existing circuit breaker panel, where the harmonic filter system should be connected to.

Thanks to the whole team (Customer, local sub-contractor and MR-engineers) the project could be engineered, supplied and commissioned within less than 9 months to the satisfaction of the customer. End of August 2021 the system has been handed over to the client.

Once more again MR-PQ underlines his expertise in the provision of customized turn-key solutions.

If you have any questions, please contact R.Rund@reinhausen.com