22.02.2019 Products and Services

Next generation flow indicator

MESSKO® MFLOC 2.0 monitors the transformer cooling circuit with forward-looking technology

A high level of importance is placed on the operational reliability of transformers in the field of energy distribution. A functioning cooling system is vital when it comes to ensuring this reliability and in extending the transformer's service life.

A cooling circuit's task is to prevent overheating within the transformer. But how can an operator know if an error has occurred within this closed circuit? MESSKO supplies the appropriate solution: the MESSKO® MFLOC 2.0 flow indicator.

To enable monitoring, a specially designed, spoon-shaped paddle made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic is placed in the cooling circuit as a flow detector.  MESSKO optimized the design based on new computer simulation possibilities and internal and external laboratories, using test scenarios, thoroughly checked the functionality and reliability of paddle return after pump shut-off.

The patented magnetic coupling translates the paddle movement into rotational movement of the indicator in the display area. This means that the flow indicator can immediately and reliably detect and signal any possible pump failure.

What quality features does this latest MESSKO product offer?

  • Robust and weather-resistant aluminum housing
  • Available in C4H and CX
  • The paddle is made of a polyamide copolymer with 50% glass fiber that has been proven in applications in the Reinhausen Group
  • A single variant for all pipe diameters, flow directions and speeds
  • Can be used in various coolants (oil, water, alternative coolants)

With the MESSKO® MFLOC 2.0. you can increase the reliability of the entire system, reduce procurement and assembly costs and prevent potential setup errors. It guarantees that the cooling circuit will be completely sealed and ensures reliable function even in turbulent (non-laminar) flows. You'll also benefit from the flow indicator's optimized scale design and convenient handling.

Results verified in laboratory test setup.