02.09.2019 Products and Services

New generation of MTRAB® 2.5 dehydrating breathers

Equipped for the future in accordance with IEC 60076-22-7

Protect, secure and extend the service life of your equipment with the maintenance-free dehydrating breather from MESSKO®.


Since the initial market launch of the MESSKO® dehydrating breather more than 15 years ago, we have gained global practical experience with the DB100, DB200, DB200D and DB200G product versions at the facilities of more than 6,500 customers throughout the world. Based on this experience, our proven technology, and continually growing operator expectations and requirements, we are now launching the new generation MTRAB® 2.5.


Just like its predecessors, the maintenance-free MTRAB® 2.5 dehydrating breather eliminates the ingress of moisture into the insulating fluid of transformers, tap changers, and other electrical equipment filled with insulating fluids. Its functionality helps our customers to significantly reduce the life-cycle costs of their equipment and overcome the challenges of steadily increasing requirements – ever-longer operating times coupled with continually increasing current densities.

Thanks to the updated intelligent drying algorithm, MTRAB® 2.5 ensures compliance with IEC 60076-22-7 (the new standard for transformer accessories – self-regenerating dehydrating breathers). The launch of this product therefore demonstrates that MESSKO® is also setting the upgrade standards in the market.

At a glance – extension and optimization of the maintenance-free dehydrating breather:

  • Data logger including software provided as standard
  • Two analog outputs for humidity values and breathing behavior
  • Test button for manually checking function, moisture level and message chains included as standard
  • Overvoltage protection in accordance with EN 60664-1 Category III as standard, with optional extended overvoltage protection
  • Degree of protection IP66/67
  • Corrosion protection C4H or CX in accordance with IEC 12944
  • Improved LED visibility