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24.05.2024 Company

MR is a "Best Managed Company"
Global market leader for the energy transition

Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH (MR) is a winner of the "Best Managed Companies Award 2024". During a gala at the Gesellschaftshaus Palmengarten in Frankfurt, the high-ranking initiators of the competition - Deloitte, UBS, FAZ and BDI - honored excellent family businesses and hidden champions that have grown sustainably over generations and have achieved a leading position in the global market. The award is intended to serve as an incentive and role model for other companies to shape the future with strategic vision, innovative strength and an outstanding and sustainable management culture.

Image: Project manager Katharina Kellerer (2nd from left) and MR CEO Dr. Nicolas Maier-Scheubeck (3rd from left) at the award ceremony in Frankfurt

Dr. Nicolas Maier-Scheubeck, CEO, emphasized at the award ceremony: "The history of MR began in 1868 in Reinhausen, today a district of Regensburg. The company has been majority family-owned since 1891, making it one of the oldest and largest family businesses in Germany. The word "Reinhausen" has been part of the company name since 1901. These few dates are enough to illustrate what we mean by sustainability: Creating business relationships in such a way that they also provide a viable basis for the generation after next - for the benefit of all those involved and while maintaining our independence. This is how MR became the world market leader in high-voltage technology. And this can be felt everywhere in the company - through the competence and camaraderie of the workforce, the satisfaction and trust of customers and the decades-long, partnership-based relationships with suppliers. We are delighted to receive the "Best Managed Companies Award 2024", as it honors precisely this overall package of long-term orientation and short-term dynamism that has characterized MR from the very beginning."

The "Best Managed Companies Award" is a competition and seal of quality for sustainably successful medium-sized companies. The vision: to build a national and global ecosystem of excellently managed medium-sized companies. A key unique aspect of the "Best Managed Companies Award" is its international nature: Launched by Deloitte in Canada in the 1990s, this competition has now been successfully introduced in more than 45 countries. In Germany, the competition was held for the sixth time in 2024.