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20.09.2018 Projects

Large service agreement with CLP Hong Kong

First retrofit to be carried out in late 2018

CLP Power Hong Kong and MR around Christmas 2017 concluded a 5-years-service-agreement. The first tap changer retrofit portion will be finalized now.

It is a framework agreement that covers comprehensive services from MR’s Transformer Services area, including retrofitting of tap changers (VACUTAP® VM®), motor-drive units (TAPMOTION® ED, TAPMOTION® ED ISM®) and A&C products (TAPCON®, TRAFOGUARD® ISM®, MSENSE® BM) as well as tap-changer maintenance and spare parts. CLP Hong Kong can order products from this framework agreement at any time and as needed. Furthermore, the framework agreement is not limited to the services that it currently includes but can be expanded over the coming years to cover other innovative products from the Transformer Services area.

CLP Power Hong Kong provides roughly 80% of the power needed by the mega-metropolis Hong Kong with its 7.3 million residents. Nearly 400 units of its 132kV and 400kV power transformers are equipped with MR tap changers. Power utilities expect their products and services to be of the highest quality and reliability so the main challenge for the MR sales employees was to ensure that the provision of parts and technical services fulfils these stringent customer requirements.

In early January 2018, just a few days after the agreement was signed, CLP Power Hong Kong placed orders for relevant MR components including six VACUTAP® VM® units, eight TAPMOTION® ED units and 10 TAPCON® 230 units. The products will be installed by an experienced service engineer from Regensburg in the last quarter of 2018.