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09.02.2022 Projects

Green hydrogen: using H2 against CO2

Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen supports model project in Wunsiedel, Germany, with a comprehensive solution for efficient and secure grid connection.

One of the largest plants in Germany for CO2-neutral production of hydrogen is currently being built in Wunsiedel, a small Bavarian town of 10,000 people. Only renewable energy from photovoltaics and wind power is used for production. The special aspect of the innovative electrolysis plant: It will be integrated into the local grid infrastructure with existing battery storage and neighboring industrial operations. From mid-2022, up to 1,350 tons of hydrogen will be produced annually for use in transportation and industry. This will enable up to 13,500 tons of CO2 per to be avoided in the future.


Image copyright: Siemens AG

The hydrogen plant is being built by the operating company “WUN H2”, founded by Siemens AG, Rießner Gase, a local gas supplier, and Wunsiedel’s public utility company SWW Wunsiedel. With its comprehensive solution for the safe and efficient operation of the plant, Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) is also making a significant contribution to the successful implementation of this forward-looking model project.

To ensure the required performance parameters at the grid connection point, MR is supporting the construction of the plant with comprehensive consulting services and studies for the entire power supply process. In addition, MR's Power Quality business unit is manufacturing a hybrid compensation and filter circuit system that enables electrolysis to be operated in a grid-compatible manner despite the integration of renewable energy sources. The hybrid system is connected to the 20 kV grid via a coupling transformer in an outdoor housing, also supplied by MR. During its development, special attention was paid to a personal-safe design in pressure-resistant enclosures, considering the specific local conditions. In order to minimize network repercussions of the hydrogen production plant, an on-load tap-changer with vacuum technology with 13 stages was also developed for the rectifier transformer, which optimally supplements the compensation and filter solution.

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