21.06.2021 Products and Services

Fit for the future: Maintenance-free Dehydrating Breather MESSKO® MTRAB®

Successful proof of IEC standard 60076-22-7

For more than 15 years, the maintenance-free dehydrating breathers of the MTRAB® product family have been setting standards - whenever moisture ingress into the insulation medium of transformers, tap changers and other electrical equipment needs to be eliminated – and nearly 90,000 devices are currently in use worldwide. MR has now successfully demonstrated that MTRAB® complies with IEC standard 60076-22-7 at all times.


When it comes to ensuring effective dehumidification, thus protecting investments and keeping equipment operationally safe, MTRAB® is the first choice. The units have been proven worldwide and have demonstrated their reliability even under the most extreme conditions. The intelligent algorithm of the MTRAB® ensures that IEC standard 60076-22-7 is complied with at all times and MR has successfully demonstrated this in a long-term test.

In accordance with the standard, more than 100 regeneration cycles were simulated in a special test setup. Under normal circumstances, this would require a period of 15 to 20 years but for the endurance test in a special climatic chamber, the operating conditions were adjusted so that saturation of the absorbent was reached more quickly than under real conditions. As a result, the devices were subjected to a high load and had to perform the algorithm-controlled, maintenance-free regeneration in very short cycles. Thus, MR managed to provide the proof in accordance with IEC 60076-22-7 in only one year.

MTRAB® has thus once again demonstrated that it meets the high quality requirements of the market.