Issue 04 | 2007

Michael Rohde

Dear Reader,

This is the last issue of our newsletter INSIGHT for 2007. We are thrilled about the positive feedback that our newsletter caused worldwide. This issue informs you once again about our products and services. As an INSIGHT subscriber, you always have an edge on information. That’s why you’re naturally the first people we want to introduce VACUTAP® POWERPLAY to. Available now, the first on-load tap-changer game in the world invites you to an exciting round of play during your lunch break or on your PC at home. The best players worldwide have the chance to win great prizes. If you like, go ahead and tell your colleagues.

Enjoy reading – and playing!

Michael Rohde
Managing Director

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Regulate voltage and win great prizes ...

Largest gas liquidation plant in the world is being set up in Qatar ...
From 3 to 5 September 2007 the Cigré Conference took place in Amman. ...
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VACUTAP® POWERPLAY: The first on-load tap-changer game worldwide
Regulate voltage and win great prizes

As an INSIGHT subscriber, you always have an edge on information. That’s why you’re naturally the first people we want to introduce VACUTAP® POWERPLAY to. Available now, the first on-load tap-changer game in the world invites you to an exciting round of play during your lunch break or on your PC at home. In this game, you control a power distribution network using on-load tap-changers and ensure the power supply. As in real life, it’s not quite so easy. There are several influencing factors that can cause faults. The more you progress, the more difficult it gets. And the longer you ensure optimum power supply, the more points you can collect.
VACUTAP® POWERPLAY will be online for three months. We are running a prize draw for everyone who participates in our game between 12/01/2007 and 02/29/2008 and will be giving away an Apple iPod Touch, two Samsung Digital Frames and seven MR 1 GB USB sticks.
If you want to get started right away, click here to call up the game, as well as the instructions and rules.

Good luck!

If you enjoyed playing VACUTAP® POWERPLAY, recommend it to your friends and colleagues!
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Order now in advance: ON.LOAD 2007 will appear in December
Customer magazine all about Asset Management

It’s that time of year again. A new issue of our customer magazine ON.LOAD will appear in December. This issue focuses on various aspects of Asset Management. We provide a definition and demonstrate which services and products we offer in a variety of case studies. ON.LOAD will appear for the first time in German and English. Order your personal copy now and send an e-mail to us.
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New Appointments in China, Brazil and Australia

Markus Klein, General Manager of MR do Brasil, will join our subsidiary MR China Ltd. / Shanghai as of 1 January 2008 to support the General Manager Hubert Häring and his team by accomplishing the strong growth in China as Deputy General Manager. Due to this change Marcelo Renato da Costa and Antonio Roberto de Souza will take over the General Management of MR do Brasil (MRB). Marcelo Renato da Costa has worked in the company since December 2003, in the area Sales OLTC. He will now be responsible for the technical management, including the areas sales and service. Antonio Roberto de Souza, who works for MRB since November 1986 in the area finance/controlling will take over the administrative management with finance/controlling and logistic/production.

Keith Baird, Managing Director of Reinhausen Australia (RA) since July 1997 will retire from his position as of 31 March 2008. Tim Farrell, employed in the area sales since May 2001, will be appointed Managing Director of RA as of 1 January 2008.
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Shell is focusing on maintenance-free VACUTAP® technology
Largest gas liquidation plant in the world is being set up in Qatar

The Pearl GTL Project (GTL= Gas to Liquid:) financed by Qatar Petroleum and Shell is not only the largest GTL project in the world but also the largest energy project in the history of Qatar. A total of 8 VACUTAP® VV III 400 MR on-load tap-changers, installed in 110 MVA 132 kV/34.5 kV transformers from AREVA T&D Turkey, will provide a reliable power supply. It is planned that the plant will manufacture 140,000 barrels of GTL products daily. Shell is planning to invest a total of around five billion US dollars in the construction of the required haulage equipment and the GTL plant itself.
The maintenance-free VACUTAP® technology is being used at the request of Shell Qatar and the Shell project management in England. Werner Fleischmann, the responsible Area Sales Manager at MR stated: “We are proud to be able to make such a considerable contribution to this distinguished project. Our on-load tap-changers enable Shell as the operator to considerably reduce the turn-off times of the transformers for maintenance activities, which will lead to optimum availability.“

Gas to liquid – gas liquidation plants:
The acronym GTL stands for a technology that produces synthetic and sulfur-free fuels from natural gas. During the GTL process, in the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis, a crystal-clear, odorless and nontoxic liquid is generated, which, when burned, produces significantly less soot than normal diesel fuel.
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Working for clean energy

In Indonesia – the country with the largest number of active volcanoes in the world – the Messko products keep to their promises. They function reliably even under extreme environmental influences such as tropical climate and hydrogen sulfide in the air.

Indonesia has 129 active volcanoes, plus several hundred which have ceased to erupt. Various estimates have placed the energy generation potential from geothermal power as high as 27,000 megawatts. However, only about 850 megawatts is used. The largest power plant in the country is located at Mount Salak, a volcano southeast of Jakarta.
A tropical climate with heavy rainfall and the presence of hydrogen sulfide in the air makes severe demands on the equipment in this plant. While the MR motor drives and the Messko temperature measuring devices are performing their tasks reliably, equipment from other manufacturers is exhibiting considerable damage. The pressure relief valves fitted onto the transformers, for example, have been becoming extremely rusty. Even worse, the unprotected terminal boxes are filling up with so much water due to wear and tear that the transformers frequently trip. The outages caused by these faults will be extremely expensive for the utility in the long run. They therefore plan to replace the valves with Messko’s MPreC® series. The switching contacts in these valves are shielded as they are inside a protective cover, which also ensures that no dirt or water can penetrate and damage the springs. An additional covering cap even provides a directional oil outlet.
Another product that equally impressed the engineers at site was the maintenance-free breather dehydrating MTraB®. In an area such as this, with its high level of humidity, the use of such equipment pays off very quickly.
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Exchange in Malaysia
OILTAP® OLTC’s instead of Chinese Antecessors

Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) – the largest power supply utility in Malaysia, exchanges Chinese on-load tap-changers with MR’s OILTAP® V. Since the late 90’s, TNB has been operating with a considerable amount of Chinese transformers equipped with Chinese made OLTCs. Owing to repeated problems and operation failures, the TNB management has made a bold decision to exchange 16 Chinese OLTCs against MR’s Type V OLTC in 2007, with another 20 exchanges planned in 2008.

Since it’s incorporation, Reinhausen Asia-Pacific (RAP) has fostered a close business working relationship with TNB and over the years, the Malaysian power supply utility has had good experiences in it’s dealings with MR’s subsidiary and MR’s products. As a result of this familiarity, TNB has entrusted RAP to manage the exchange project.

The exchange was carried out with the help of MR’s appointed Malaysian agent, Teknik Semasa Engineering Sdn Bhd. Our pictures reveal the extent of the work involved in the exchange job.
Oil test for Di-Electric Strength
before transformer oil was
drained out into skid tank.
The existing China OLTC inside transformer main tank before dismantling of terminal leads was carried out. All the leads were marked. The existing OLTC was lifted out of main tank after removing of support flange.
Lifting of new OLTC and installed onto main tank. Installation of new OLTC onto main tank. Installation of new motor drive onto fabricated mounting structure.
About TNB:
Public listed, Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) is the largest electricity utility company in Malaysia, with more than 65 billion in assets, it has a customer base of 6.8 million throughout Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah.
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MRcademy Cigré Conference 2007 in Jordan

From 3 to 5 September 2007 the Cigré Conference – the international exhibition and conference for engineering and large electrical systems – took place in Amman. Reinhausen Germany was present with their own stand. Spotlight was the maintenance-free OLTC Vacutap® VV. The picture shows Area Sales Manager Werner Fleischmann talking to the minister for energy and mineral resources Khaled Al-Shraidah.
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First MRcademy in Great Britain a Success!

A wide variety of interesting speakers, an extraordinarily brisk exchange of opinions among specialists, and an evening together in an over 600-year-old inn. The first MRcademy in Great Britain was a true success.

About 70 experts from all important British power supply plants and various industrial enterprises met in the Renaissance Solihull Hotel in Birmingham from October 24th to 25th.

In addition to the presentations by MR and Messko there were also guest lectures by Dr. Zhongdong Wang (University of Manchester), Ray Zhang (National Grid) and Lutz Waldig (MIDEL). Both the maintenance-free VACUTAP® technology of MR and the maintenance-free dehydrating breather MTraB® of subsidiary Messko drew much attention. Both devices were exhibited "live". For the first time MR also demonstrated the entire electronic range from TAPCON® voltage regulators to the TRAFOGUARD® monitoring system.
Numerous new contacts were made and several pilot applications were already arranged at the event. With so much information available there was no lack of personal communication. An evening buffet at Birmingham's oldest inn - the Old Crown - rounded off this MRcademy.
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2nd MRcademy in Germany was a complete success:
110 participants and live activities involving the transformer

The 2nd MRcademy in Germany took place on September 26 and 27 in the E.ON Transformer Station Karben near Frankfurt. 110 experts from all over Germany and Austria participated in the event. Representatives from the energy sector were able to experience complete on-load tap-changer maintenance live as well as several intercommunication activities.

There were also five theme pavilions, an exhibition room with an electronics area and a presentation and catering tent. Next to a 200-MVA transformer, a special stage was set up from which the participants could observe all the activities at close range. A MA-E motor drive was exchanged for a TAPMOTION® ED100ST. Messko contributed a new maintenance-free MTraB®air dehydrating breather, MMK oil level gauges and new sight glasses. A TAPCON® 260 was employed as a new voltage regulator. The on-load tap-changer monitoring unit TAPGUARD® and a Messko MTeC® EPT 202 for ventilation control were also integrated in the motor drive housing. The Trafo Union on-load tap-changer was dismantled, maintained and reassembled in the service tent. The participants were eager to use the opportunity to ask questions. They used the breaks between the specialist presentations for technical discussions in the pavilions or to meet and talk with other participants in the catering tent.
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