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Michael Rohde

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Welcome to a new issue of INSIGHT, our newsletter for customers worldwide. Starting this issue you will receive INSIGHT in a new layout, easier to overlook and faster to read. At the same time we’ll inform you increasingly about our fields of expertise in the entire Reinhausen Group: On-load tap-changers, voltage regulators, Messko accessories, Power Quality Management, Composite Insulators and HIGHVOLT high voltage test systems. We hope that this helps you for your daily work.

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Premiere for "VACUTAP® – The Movie" ...

Manly Substation is located just 500 meters from the famous Manly beach...
On Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 October, 2007 Birmingham, Renaissance® Solihull Hotel...
Top News Products Events
World Premiere for "VACUTAP® – The Movie"
It is a track record. Since its market launch in 2006, the VACUTAP® VR 1300 has evolved into a bestseller. Each month, a substantial number of units is dispatched from our plant in Regensburg. Now we have got the movie to the tap-changer. This six-minute movie bearing the title “The Future is Maintenance-Free” shows what makes MR’s vacuum-switching-technology so special.

The cinema-dimension movie is available in nine languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic and Russian. You can download it from our website or order the DVD here.
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MR invests in the world's one-of-a-kind test laboratory
MR is expanding and that's why a new test lab is being built in Regensburg.
"We can also simulate extreme operating conditions at this high-tech lab which our on-load tap-changers will be exposed to over decades later on. The technical equipment is unique worldwide," declared the two
managing directors Dr. Nicolas Maier-Scheubeck and Michael Rohde at the official cornerstone laying ceremony.

"Our customers expect innovative products which offer maximum reliability. Our high-tech lab will give us room for considerably more innovation within much a shorter time frame," stated Dr. Nicolas Maier-Scheubeck. Most of the investment money will go to pay for the building's technical equipment. Only in Regensburg will it also be possible to test all functions of an on-load tap-changer under extreme conditions. "That is like the test track of an automobile manufacturer. We push our products to their limits – and beyond," said managing director Michael Rohde. Among others, you can examine the lifespan of on-load tap-changers here, re-enact various climatic situations and even simulate lighting bolts. "Due to our very sensitive measuring technology the entire lab is designed as a Faraday cage, " Rohde revealed. The test lab will begin operation during mid 2008. "We are already planning our next step by that time: In addition to the test lab we are going to built an innovation center."
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A new works to be build in Suzhou
MR expands in China as well
The middle of October 2007 will see a new assembly plant go into operation in the Chinese city of Suzhou. The plant is located on an industrial estate measuring 27,000 m2 that is 80 kilometres north of Shanghai. It offers enormous benefits as far as connections to public transport and qualified suppliers are concerned.

The first stage of the construction work on the 27,000 m2-site entailed the erection of a two-storey assembly hall and a three-storey office building. The facility also includes a showroom, training centre and its own canteen. There is enough space in reserve to allow an extension of the plant and by the year 2010 the number of employees is estimated to rise to 220. The training centre, which measures 200 m2, offers a complete product training course for customers. They will also have direct contact with MR products in the showroom.
The assembly people working in the Suzhou plant have all undergone a 2-month training course in Germany in order to ensure the same standard of quality. They guarantee that every on-load tap-changer is in perfect working order. The first on-load tap-changer will leave the Suzhou plant at the end of November 2007. This will be followed by the official opening ceremony at the beginning of December.

Like Regensburg, Suzhou looks back on a 2,500-year history. The general conditions there are ideal. That is why other Germany companies such as Bosch, Siemens and Krones have also taken advantage of the generously developed industrial zones around Shanghai. This has given rise to an extremely interesting supplier network.

The foundation of the Suzhou plant will round off the MR network in China. We will of course continue to keep to the principle of customer orientation in the areas of production, sales and service and will work together with the Chinese customers even more closely than before.
56 VACUTAP® OLTCs for World's Highest Powered HVDC Project
MR will supply VACUTAP® to the “Yun-Guang” HVDC project of China Southern Power Grid.

The China Southern Power Grid company is building a high-voltage DC transmission (HVDC) system between the province of Yunnan and the province of Guangdong. The system will be the world's first transmission line with a DC voltage of +/- 800 kV. Moreover, with its 5000-MW capacity, it will be the first long-distance HVDC link with the highest power capacity that has ever been built. The system is scheduled to begin commercial service by mid 2010.

Together Siemens, TBEA Shenyang, Baoding Tianwei and Xi’an XiDian have won an order of a total of 28 transformers among them

Siemens: 20 units TBEA: 4 units Baoding Tianwei: 2 units Xi’An XiDian: 2 units

All of the 28 transformers will be equipped with MR VACUTAP® OLTCs. On the low voltage side, MR VACUTAP® OLTCs will be configured without exception for another 28 transformers. Xi’An XiDian: 14 units; TBEA Shenyang: 7 units; Baoding Tianwei: 7 units.

MR VACUTAP® OLTCs have made a name for themselves around the world. That is also the reason why MR has been entrusted with this project. The new VACUTAP® VR1300 is designed for high-end applications up to 1300 A. Maintenance-free up to 300,000 operations is not just wishful thinking - it is a feature that is well-documented and unique throughout the world.
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As one of Australia's largest gas and electricity suppliers with 100 years experience, EnergyAustralia supplies energy to over 1.5 million Australian homes and businesses.
VACUTAP® VT working near famous Sydney beach
Manly Substation is located just 500 meters from the famous Manly beach and Sydney Harbour. It is here that EnergyAustralia decided to exchange their oil type with dry type transformers. Dry type transformers have the advantage of being environmentally friendly and also allow for installation close to residential properties due to the low fire risk. The replacement transformers are two 33/11KV 20/25MVA dry type transformers which are fitted with MR VACUTAP® VT500. The VACUTAP® VT is currently the only type of on-load tap-changer available in the market which is completely oil free and suitable for the dry type transformer application. These are two of the biggest dry type transformers operating in Australia and therefore much of the design and installation was a first for EnergyAustralia. One transformer started operation in April 2007, the second unit will follow in September 2007. EnergyAustralia has used VACUTAP® tap-changers before to gain experience with vacuum technology, with the VACUTAP® VR being fitted to a number of new 120MVA 132KV transformers.
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Two "colosses" for Tokyo Electric Power
Both, its dimensions as well as its switching capacity are making it a giant: the OILTAP® G. Two of these exceptional on-load tap-changers have now been delivered to the Tokyo Electric Power Company. They will be applied to Toshiba transformers (1000 and 1500 MVA, 525 kV each). Both tap-changers fulfil the strict Japanese JEC-standard. The OILTAP® G is only being constructed on special demand, tailor-made to the customer’s specifications and it is the most powerful tap-changer in MR’s product range.

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MR in China

A Perfect Retrofit Solution:
A Major West Coast Utility Replaces Older Voltage Controllers
A major West coast utility was recently very satisfied when the MR specialists completed their work practically in one day earlier this summer. Three TAPCON®250 digital tap changer controllers, specifically designed for North American utilities, were used to replace three competitor’s controllers. This took place in a substation of three power transformers with load tap changers originally intended to be operated in parallel. Upon completing the installation, the utility was relieved to have not only solved their voltage regulation issues but also substantially simplified their scheme.

Underperforming, the previously used controllers were not able to automatically control the three transformers, nor could the parallel operation of these transformers be established following the principle of minimum circulating reactive current. For this reason, the major utility wanted to move away from analog parallel operation with CT circuits connected by external AC relays and paralleling balance modules between each transformer. MR implemented the circulating reactive current parallel operation method via simple digital CAN bus communication, finally allowing the substation to operate in an automatic mode. MR’s digital paralleling technology eliminated the need for more than half of the wires previously used in the analog paralleling. Using only three wires to exchange data between paralleled transformers, this innovation practically removes any chance of a mix-up of the CT connections between multiple controllers as well as balancing modules and other components. With the three TAPCON® 250s in service, this major utility accomplished the functionality that they had long desired.

Since the installation of the TAPCON® 250 controllers, the 24MVA transformer with 33 tap positions and the other two 12 MVA transformers with 17 tap positions have successfully operated in parallel without any problems. This installation is a perfect example of how the TAPCON® 250 can be easily retrofitted one-to-one in place of yesterday’s obsolete controllers while offering state-of-the-art MR technology in both independent and parallel tap changer applications. The enthusiasm about this solution is so great that they plan to equip all future transformer stations exclusively with TAPCON® 250 as well as use it for an easy replacement of their old tap changer controllers. A follow-up email read, “The final look is quite clean and simple, and these TAPCON’s seem to do a real good job of regulating, so I’m looking forward to the possibility of these units replacing the Beckwith’s and others in the future.” As the TAPCON® 250 continues to prove itself as the choice of automatic voltage regulation for North American utilities, the Reinhausen TAPCON® 250 team looks forward to meeting more tap changer control challenges and applying long overdue solutions to problems such as those encountered in this station.
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(Reinhausen Manufacturing, USA )
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(Reinhausen Germany)

When two become one
Messko presents the Multi Ballast transformer
Different ballast transformers for the Messko COMPACT and TRASY series are history from now on. The Multi Ballast Transformer is a unique device for both series. Even more: Apart from 1, 1,5 and 5 amps it can handle also 3 and 4 amps. And this multi-talent is now available with three different design options.
You can still get the IP55 housing for outdoor applications and the mounting plate for cabinet mounting. In addition, Messko offers the mounting plate with fixed clamp for rail mounting. Helpful for all technical and service personnel: cable glands are now standard for your delivery.
All these improvements come along with only slight price adjustments according to the new design options. Summarizing these points, the advantages are clearly visible. Even the connection diagram is now printed in the cover and helps out in the field or within the transformer manufacturer workshop. The multi ballast transformer is available from now on, including explicit documentation.
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ReCoTec® - hollow composite insulators
For more than 25 years MR has been manufacturing insulating tubes made of glassfiber reinforced polymers under the brand name Rotafil®. Initial fields of application are for example the insulation tubes of all MR OLTCs. Now, we are also producing hollow composite insulators in the very best MR quality on the basis of these tubes.

A steadily growing product range is being created under the new brand name ReCoTec® (Reinhausen Composite Technology). It includes hollow insulators with silicone rubber sheds for outdoor applications and insulators without sheds for indoor use.
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  • highest quality
  • new IEC 61462 and IEC 60815
    are already fulfilled
  • delivery period: 20 working days
  • storage at MR possible

Top News Products Events
First MRcademy in Great Britain
From 24 to 25 October 2007 our worldwide client’s academy will take place in Birmingham at the Renaissance Solihull Hotel.

You will be able to use this platform to get in touch with colleagues of industry companies and energy producing companies from Great Britain and Ireland. Guest speakers will present their view of how to secure the energy availability of tomorrow.

Furthermore you will have the opportunity to get the latest information on all novelties concerning tap-changer technology and transformer equipment.

Please visit our website to register and obtain the program of the seminar.
contact  h.liu@reinhausen.com
Reinhausen Australia on tour with VACUTAP® VRC
Our Australian subsidiary took part in two conferences in New Zealand
The EEA Conference (Electricity Engineers' Association) in Auckland, New Zealand, was a full success. 350 people attended the event which took place from 15 to 16 June 2007. They received information about amongst others “Energy Strategy”, “Network Design” and “Transmission”. Reinhausen Australia had the VACUTAP® VRC on display and experienced a considerable interest of the guests to the fair.
From 2 to 3 July 2007 Reinhausen Australia was moreover present at the Power Transformer Convention of the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. With a turn out of over 120 people including most of the transformer experts in the Australasia area it made an enjoyable two days. As normal the sight of the display VACUTAP® VRC caused a lot of interests, with many questions on what it was. Speculations about it being a time machine or other science fictive machinery had to be turned down by our staff explaining that it is “only” our latest tap-changer working with vacuum technology.

Reinhausen Australia donated two copies of the MR publication "On-Load Tap-changers for Power Transformers" to the university Library. To help the students understand the principles of the OLTC.
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