Issue 02 | 2008

Michael Rohde

Dear Sir or Madam,

Our innovative VACUTAP® technology is also continuing its travel around the world. We recently delivered the 2000th VACUTAP® VR to the MEA, the power provider of Thailand's capital city of Bangkok. And there's one more new product to be mentioned: the PQM 500. This compact, low-voltage compensation system offers a maximum power capacity of 500 kvar per cabinet unit. Read about this and many other interesting products in this edition.

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Michael Rohde
Managing Director

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2000. VACUTAP® VR regulates voltage in Bangkok

At a festive ceremony at the Regensburg plant, Managing Director Michael Rohde handed over no less than three new fresh-from-the-factory VACUTAP® VR 1300s to high-ranking representatives of the MEA (Metropolitan Electricity Authority), the local power supply company in Bangkok, and to local transformer manufacturer Tira Thai. In his speech, Rohde emphasized that MR was particularly proud to be able to contribute to the safe supply of electricity in one of the biggest cities in the world. At the same time he said he was also delighted that this order included the 2000th VACUTAP® VR to be delivered – a new generation of MR tap-changers which has been sold with great success all over the world since 2006.
“As manufacturers we are aware of the particularly high standards that customers expect of our products in terms of quality and reliability. And we do all we can to meet those standards.” The tap-changers for MEA are destined for the Chidlom Terminal Station, a key substation in the centre of the Thai capital, where high-voltage technology from Regensburg has been used for decades. Two transformers (300 MVA, 230 kV) are to be supplied by Tira Thai.

These versions of the VACUTAP® VR can be used for rated through-currents of up to 1,300A. Here the VACUTAP® VR is the optimum alternative to all OILTAP® M and most 'R' versions: the tap-changer head and the oil compartment have the same diameters and only the installation length is just slightly different. Finally, the VR also offers additional possibilities for use for autotransformers and for high-voltage direct current transmission. And what is especially important for most operators is that the VR is maintenance-free for up to 300,000 switching operations. Which in the majority of cases means for the entire service life of the transformer.
The prizes are on their way

Over 3500 customers from 76 countries took part in Powerplay - the new on-load tap-changer game. And the winners have been determined. They come from the USA, the United Arabic Emirates, China, Indonesia, Turkey, Germany, Hungary and Canada. The prizes - an Ipod Touch, digital picture frames and USB memory sticks- are already on their way. Our thanks to everyone who participated!
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Fits through any door. The PQM 500 with its low height of only two meters, packed with technical detail.
A particularly good view of the spacer plate between reactor and capacitor that separates the components and encourages the heat exchange.
500 kvar in a Cabinet
PQM's New Reactive Power Compensation System

Our Power Quality Management® Division (PQM) has added a new, controlled, reactive power compensation system for low voltage to its product range. It offers a maximum power capacity of 500 kvar per cabinet unit.

The components of the PQM 500 are designed for operational reliability and long life: High-quality capacitors with discharge reactors, reactors for elevated harmonic loads and full-fledged capacitor contactors. 690-V fuses guarantee reliable control of capacitive short circuit currents. A supporting spacer plate in the module separates tuned reactor coil and capacitor from each other thus preventing the capacitors from overheating due to the heat of the reactors. These hang freely on the back in the air current. The individual modules are available as ready-to-install solutions or completely mounted in an only 2-m high switching cabinet which offers space for five double modules – that results in a maximum power capacity of 500 kvar.

The MKK capacitor is temperature-treated under vacuum and filled with environmentally friendly pure nitrogen as protection against oxidation.
It offers stable capacity and long life coupled with low power loss. In case of failure or during continuous overload, it disconnects from the power network automatically thanks to the hermetically sealed metal housing and an internal overpressure disconnection cutout. Capacitor discharge takes place within eight seconds via discharge reactors– a faster and more gentle solution than with resistors.

The protective effect on the compensation system increases with the so-called tuning degree by up to 14%. MR always designs all its reactors at least for the elevated harmonic limit values for industrial and public power networks (network class 2, as per EN 61000-2-4 or EN 50160).

As a total system the PQM 500 passed a thermal type test at the independent Berlin test lab IPH and individual modules were tested for correct functionality. For safety-related applications the PQM 500 is available in a special, arc-fault-proof model.
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The Retrofit Kit
Simple Exchange of Bulgarian On-Load Tap Changers

A large number of electric power companies and manufacturing plants in the area of the former Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (COMECON) have been using tap changers from Bulgarian production plants for several decades. In many cases, these devices have reached the end of their life expectancy. Frequently, however, the state of the transformers is still so sound that the issue of a suitable replacement can be considered.

MR offers a professional exchange solution that meets the requirements. Instead of the Bulgarian standard on-load tap changer type, an MR on-load tap changer OILTAP® MS can be installed without any difficulty. In connection with a new motor drive TAPMOTION® ED, it makes the transformer fit for several more years of operation. And customers who would like to invest even more in the future should consider the use of an MR TAPCON® voltage regulator.
    Multiple advantages:
  • Highest quality
  • Tried and tested reliability
  • Well proven motor drive TAPMOTION® ED
  • Can be installed without major adjustment required within one day
  • Simpler maintenance
  • Longer service intervals
  • Comprehensive after-sales service
  • Higher level of profitability
If you are interested in an exchange, please contact our experts who are available to answer all your questions at service@reinhausen.com or a.kulkov@reinhausen.ru
  • Key data for the OILTAP® MSE 340
  • Max. rated through-current: 340 A (three-phase)
  • Max. rated step voltage: 3.300 V
  • Max. rated switching capacity: 1.000 kVA (three-phase)
  • Voltage for operational equipment Um: 72,5 & 123 kV
  • Application: Star point (neutral point)
  • three-phase design at any randomly selectable winding position
  • Operating positions:
    • Without change-over selector: 14 max.
    • With change-over selector: 27 max

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TAPCON® 240 Training at SP AusNet in Melbourne

A two day TAPCON® 240 training took place at SP AusNet, an Australian energy supply utility, beginning of April. Thomas Pest, service engineer of MR Germany flew to Melbourne to conduct this training together with Tim Farrell, General Manager of Reinhausen Australia.
Training requests can be sent to the contact person of your country: Simply click on “contact” on this page and choose your country: www.reinhausen.com
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The stand of PQM constantly attracted many visitors.
POCOS is a modular compensation system with up to six switchable steps.
A central controller handles regulation, control and monitoring of the systems.
Undisturbed Sine Curves
PQM took part at the Hanover Trade Fair

The Power Quality Management (PQM) Division presented itself at the Hanover Trade Fair with all its products and services. The experts from Berlin and Erfurt are specialised in the compensation of reactive power and the reduction of harmonics. Their skills in analysis, consulting and implementation cover a broad range of medium and low-voltage network applications some of which make highly complex demands on the power supply.

A precise analysis always precedes any improvement in the state of public and industrial current networks. Engineering know-how gained from 15 years of experience with network voltage quality is already incorportated into the measurements of power and harmonics conditions. A program developed by PQM simulates the states with different load and power consumer characteristics. The results permit reliable statements to be made on the capacity utilization, the need for compensation, the harmonics to be expected and other characteristic values of the network. This permits the optimal solution to be identified even when complex and sensitive systems are involved.

POCOS is the highest-quality system in PQM's medium voltage program. It consists of several modules in the switching cabinet, usually up to six compensation steps. The cabinets must also be arranged modularly next to each other. The system can then be expanded as necessary. It is equally suitable for indoor and outdoor operation. Regulation, control and monitoring are implemented in these systems with a central controller.

POCOS is available in models without tuned reactor and with tuned reactor or as a filter circuit system. Special modules are available for nonstandard applications (e.g., a filter circuit step with high pass resistor). Possible operating voltages range from 4.16 to 20 kV and the capacitive power can be up to 1.8 Mvar per step.

The Voltage Experts
In comparison to low voltage, medium-voltage networks have a high degree of power density which must have sophisticated protective mechanisms to ensure operational reliability and safety. The goal must be an uncompromisingly reliable switchoff when a failure occurs. Protection of systems and people plays a central role during system planning. In many cases an optimal compensation may contain a mixture of low and medium-voltage elements. In PQM users find one of the very few providers who are proficient in both areas and are able to connect them with one another.

The low-voltage program offers everything from single components such as power capacitors and modules down to ready-to-install compensation systems of varying degrees of complexity. Conventional reactive power compensation which PQM offers in regulated systems with up to 500 kvar per cabinet is the right choice for many distribution networks. If the number of switching operations is too high for the contactors being used, dynamic compensation with thyristor power modules is the correct selection. The next step in counteracting strong harmonics and current distortions is a coordinated filter solution. The technically most sophisticated solution is then the active filter which ensures voltage quality even in the most complex of network situations.
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Conference in Singapur
120 enthusiastic attendees

From April 23rd to 24th MR’s representative in Singapore, Aspectus Engineering Services Pte Ltd, held a conference on the subject of high voltage technology which was attended by 120 engineers and managers in charge of asset management, design or construction.

The feedback sheets clearly showed the strong interest of attendees from companies such as SP Powergrid, Meiden and ABB. Of particular interest were the lectures that covered all current subjects of high voltage technology. DILO informed about SF6 technology, SP AusNet lectured on oil analysis and – together with MR – on asset management. Experts from MR Germany and Reinhausen Asia Pacific presented the topics on-site OLTC replacement and transformer monitoring as well as their main topic, the VACUTAP® OLTCs with low maintenance requirements.
The participants actively made use of the possibility to talk to the experts and attendees from other companies in the exhibit following the presentations. Products such as Messko's dehydrating breather MTraB® and MR’s VACUTAP® OLTC were the highlight of this exhibit being maintenance-free or demanding only low maintenance. Both products were presented in on-hands demonstrations. A well organized day transferring a lot of information, that was the overall feedback of the attendees at the end of the event.
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Meet us in Paris!

From 25 to 28 August 2008 we are once more in Paris: The international fair Cigré takes place in the Palais des Congrès in Paris. We are looking forward to welcoming you at stand 45.