Issue 01 | 2008

Michael Rohde

Dear Reader,

We are in deed a bit proud of how fast innovations from our house spread all over the world. In 2000 we sold the first VACUTAP® VV, a few days ago we were already able to hand the 4,000th VV® over to Light Rio, the energy supply company of the Brazilian metropolis. A good example of how the advantages of our vacuum technology convinced many utilities and transformer manufacturers worldwide. And there is yet another positive record to announce: After just a few months of production in the field of composite insulators we already finished the 1,000th hollow composite insulator with silicon rubber sheds. You will find more about these topics in this issue.

Enjoy reading!

Michael Rohde
Managing Director

P.S: Feel free to contact our webmaster at webmaster@reinhausen.com in order to help us to get better every time.

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4000th VACUTAP® VV delivered to Light Rio ...
3-D drafts for drive
shafts ...
MRcademy® in Chengdu and Suzhou, 2007 ...
Top News Products Events
Production Record
4000th VACUTAP® VV delivered to Light Rio

During a short ceremony at the foot of the Sugar Loaf Mountain Regional Sales Manager Heinz Sperger from MR Germany handed the 4000th VACUTAP® over to the responsibles at Light Rio. With him was Head of Development Dr. Dieter Dohnal and their colleague, technical General Manager of MR do Brasil Marcelo da Costa.

“We are proud that we were able to convince our longtime customer of the advantages of the practically maintenance-free VACUTAP® technology,“ Sperger said. The majority of energy supply companies meanwhile opts for the new tap-changer generation of MR. It allows 300,000 switches without the need for maintenance. A significant advantage, that now helps to supply electricity to the 6 Million metropolis Rio de Janeiro.

Light Energia S.A is a company of Grupo Light directed toward the generation, transmission and environment. Its structure includes five hydroelectric plants, with installed capacity of 852 MW. They are: Fonte Nova, Nilo Peçanha, Pereira Passos, Ilha dos Pombos and Santa Branca.

The company also has two elevatory plants, Santa Cecília in Barra do Piraí, and Vigario in Piraí, responsible to pump the waters from Paraíba do Sul river and the Piraí river, that generate energy and also ensure the water supply to the Rio de Janeiro metropolitan region.

The operational quality and the excellency in the environmental protection are two marks of Light Energy. Its generation installation parks are awarded with the main international certifications. The initiatives for the environmental protection in the surroundings of the tanks, many of them conducted in partnership with universities, centers of research and NGOs, result in direct benefits for the population of Rio de Janeiro.
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The world played Powerplay
Winners to be contacted soon

All our expectations concerning the success of the first tap-changer game worldwide were exceeded by far. Within a very short time over 3,500 people from 76 countries played Powerplay. It showed every time more clearly that especially people from China, the USA, Australia, India, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and Germany enjoyed playing this game during breaks at work or at home. We thank all players for the active participation and will leave Powerplay online for a little longer. The winners of our prizes (Apple Ipod Touch, digital frame and USB-Sticks) will be contacted in the coming weeks and will be announced in the next issue of INSIGHT.
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  • The team of Messko and Easun/MR pridely shows the "Best Product Award". Essential for the success of the Messko products in India is the collaboration with the local partner.
Big run on the Messko both. Many visitors to the fair wanted to know more about the MtraB®.
A Powerful Performance
Messko MTraB® selected Best Product at ELECRAMA 2008

The highlight of this year’s Elecrama, which took place in Mumbai from 18 until 22 January 2008 was the bestowel of the “Best Product Award”. The hosts decided to award the maintenance-free dehydrating breather MtraB® of Messko with this prize.

Besides the certificate, Messko received a little trophy. The Indian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers Association (IEEMA) as host of Elecrama bestows this award upon manufacturers for outstanding innovative products. In his acceptance speech, General Manager Ansgar Hinz emphasized that Messko develops their products always with the target to create the highest benefit for their customers. The products that are launched are always thoroughly researched and tested. With the condition-based dehydration of the drying agent , MtraB® meets an essential criteria of many energy suppliers: No need for maintenance. The target is to run a transformer as reliable as possible while avoiding pricey interruptions for maintenance works. In countries such as India the blue, carcinogen silica gel is still used. Touching and breathing the dust of this gel when exchanging it, can cause severe health problems.
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Dubai Metro powered by MR
Three substations to be built for Dubai Metro

End of June 2007 the first transformers from Japan AE Power Systems Corporation equipped with MR M-type tap-changers (M III 600 Y-72.5/C-12 21 1W) and TAPCON® 260 D arrived in Dubai. Three substations are being built there to ensure a constant and reliable power supply of 132KV/33KV for the future Dubai Metro.

The MR tap-changers have been chosen because of their high reliability and will also be applied for the following transformers. The first substation was completed in November 07 and the second and third will be ready in April 2008. In the unlikely event of total failure of any of the power plants, the operations of the entire rail network will not be affected, as the design is robust and reliable.
The 33KV network along the Metro will consist of a ring feeder system that will feed two types of substations along the way, namely traction and low voltage power substations.
The traction power substation will energise the third rail, which feeds power to all trains and onboard equipment. The low voltage substation will power all station auxiliaries such as ventilation, escalators, lifts, lighting and others. "The power system is one of the major components of Metro operation. Special emphasis was placed on ensuring a very reliable and fail-proof system for Dubai Metro. RTA (the local rail company Roads & Transport Authority) continuously coordinated with DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) to ensure the implementation of the power network in complete compliance with DEWA and international standards," said Al Hammadi (Director of Construction at Dubai Metro).

About Dubai Metro
Dubai Metro will be a driverless, fully automated metro network in the city of Dubai (United Arab Emirates). The network will have two third rail collection system powered lines that will both run underground in the city center and on elevated viaducts elsewhere on double tracks. The Dubai Metro system will be the longest fully automated rail system in the world. Dubai Municipality Public Transport Department projects to carry 1.2 million passengers on an average day. There will be three catagories: VIP, a wagon for women and children only and an economy class. Completion of the first section of the system is projected for 2009.
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Notice Of Relocation

Our subsidiary Reinhausen Asia-Pacific Sdn Bhd relocated to their new office as of
1 February:

Reinhausen Asia-Pacific Sdn Bhd
Level 11, Chulan Tower
No. 3, Jalan Conlay, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
email: mr_rap@reinhausen.com.my
Note: Tel/Fax numbers remain unchanged

New Address of our Russian Subsidiary MR Russia

Our subsidiary in Russia also moved to a new building. Their new address since
19 February is:

Nab. Akademika Tupoleva, 15, Building 2
105005 Moskau, Russia
Tel: +7 (495) 980-89-67
email: a.kulkov@reinhausen.ru
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Save Time and Money:
3-D drafts for drive shafts

From now on you can save time and money already in the offer phase. Beginning 1st April 2008 we supply by default the suitable drive shaft drafts. This applies of course for both inquiries and orders. Depending on your requirements we draft in 2-D or 3-D format. This simplifies the technical clarification and avoids misunderstandings on both sides. The head and drive shaft drafts show the physical placement of the tap-changer head and are available in all current file formats (2-D: PDF, Tiff, DXF, DWG // 3-D: ASM Solid Edge, JT, X_T, IGES, STEP, SAT).
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Tap-changer dried up
VACUTAP® tap-changers for flood-protected transformers

The public utilities corporation in the Bavarian city of Passau, on the River Danube, has placed an order with SGB (Starkstrom Gerätebau) for four identical 40 MVA transformers. What initially sounds like a standard contract is in fact anything but normal. One of these transformers is located in an area which is at a very high risk of flooding and therefore has to be of a design which is capable of surviving the highest recorded flooding level of the century (4.4m above pavement level) without damage. The other three are identical, in order to permit exchange between each other.

MR was chosen to supply four VACUTAP® VRC tap-changers. The public utilities corporation in Passau selected these because of the wish to minimise maintenance work in the 110kV range. SGB therefore recommended the maintenance-free vacuum technology. The dehydrating breather is the maintenance-free MTraB® from Messko. In order to ensure that this does not take in any water in the event of flooding, which would severely damage the transformer, the installation position is above flood level, just like the pointer thermometer and the terminal box for the monitoring devices. The TAPMOTION® ED motor drive was also positioned as high up as possible. However, for technical reasons it was not possible for it to be positioned above flood level, which is why the drive is equipped with a waterproof protective housing.
Passau Public Utilities Corporation
Two d.c. generators with an output of 150 kW brought Passau into the electric age in 1907. In 2008 the 110 kV age begins. This new milestone in the history of electricity supply in Passau is the result of decades of planning of the expansion of the power supply system and provides an optimum basis for a safe, reliable and powerful supply network for further decades.
A supply network with a length of about 4 km of 110 kV cables, 270 km of 20 kV cables, 27 km of 20 kV overhead lines, and 560 km of 1 kV cables and 43 km of 1 kV overhead lines connects the Passau public utilities corporation (SWP) to its customers.
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ReCoTec® Hollow Composite Insulators
A Success Story

In the past months, MR has successfully started its new business division, ReCoTec® composite insulators. More than 1.000 ReCoTec® hollow composite insulators have been sold by the end of January 2008. Our customer list includes renowned companies in Germany, other European countries and North America. Some customers agreed to frame contracts covering an integrated vendor release system. These systems simplify production planning and supply of material for customers and for MR.

The hollow composite insulator business is characterised by a great variety of insulator types and very short delivery periods. This demands the greatest possible flexibility of production and material logistics.
The pre-conditions for the quick development of the business division were the short-term purchase of costing moulds of different measurements for the silicon rubber sheds as well as the organisation of a great number of models for casting the aluminium flanges made to specifications of customers or applications. Meanwhile, there are several casting moulds with an interior diameter of up to 350 mm at our disposal. By the end of this year, the mould pool will be expanded to a level where MR will be able to distribute hollow composite insulators for all devices up to 500 kV.

Conform to International Norms
All IEC 61462 design tests have been passed successfully. It is thus proved, that the construction and production procedure of ReCoTec®-insulators correspond to international demands. Designs made to customers specifications also passed all type, which confirms the capability of these specialised constructions.

Expanding the Production Area
To satisfy the rising demand, a new hall exclusively for the production of composite insulators is beeing set up in Regensburg. ReCoTec® working spaces and machines are to be moved to the new building in April. This way, the production flow can be further optimised and there is enough space for production enlargements. New space is also being created for the production of the fibre-glass reinforced plastic tubes Rotafil®. Not only the fast growing insulator production needs to be provided with supporting tubes but also the expanding tap-changer production and our external tube customers. This space is thus urgently needed.
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Top News Products Events

MRcademy® in Chengdu and Suzhou, 2007

MR launched two MRcademies® in Chengdu, from November 23 to 25 and in Suzhou, from November 30 to December 1, 2007.

In the past 16 months, MR has organized 7 MRcademies® in China. Prior to the two events in Chengdu and Suzhou, we have already successfully organised MRcademies® in Guangzhou, Xi’an, Shanghai, Qingdao and Beijing.

107 guests gathered in Chengdu. In Suzhou, there were 46 participants. Most of the guests were from transformer manufacturers, utilities and design institutes. As a highlight in Suzhou, the participants visited our new factory – Jiangsu MR Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

The overall feedback was very positive, most of the participants thought it was a very good idea to hold such conferences, they hoped there would be more opportunities to attend MRcademies® in the future.
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Training on TAPCON® 230

Last January RI and MR hosted the first training of TAPCON® 230 dedicated to the most important customers of Italian transformer manufacturers.
This event took place in the city of Trento and was organized in cooperation with Siemens Transformer Italy.
The training was exclusively about TAPCON® 230 and referred to the supply of three transformers of Siemens Italy equipped with MR OLTCs and TAPCON® 230 voltage regulators for the substation “Al Gamas” in Irak.
During the training Andreas Wilhelm of MR and Riccardo Villa of RI have given all the information requested by the customers. Moreover a practical test was simulated referred to the operating events that can happen in a substation.
Considering the great success of the training RI and MR hope to give further support to the Italian manufacturers in the future.
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