Always energized thanks to OILTAP®: The world's largest underground metro network in Dubai

Dubai is the country of superlatives. The new subway network - the "Dubai Metro" - is one of these mega projects. It is the longest, completely automated subway network in the world. The first section - the so-called "Red Line" - began service on September 9, 2009. Another superlative: The underground metro station with the world's largest area is also located in Dubai - in the city district of Deira, to be exact. The underground metro station called "Union Square" is 18 meters deep and has three levels, each of which is 230 meters long and 50 meters wide. The network covers a total area of 25,000 square meters.

Three substations supply the metro network with power. These systems function completely independently from the rest of the Dubai power network. Even if Dubai's entire power network failed, the metro transportation system would not be affected. The three transformer stations provide 160 MVA of electrical power. A total of three MR on-load tap-changers of type OILTAP® MS III 300Y-72.5/B10 19 1 G inside the transformers ensure constant voltage. Operator of the transformer stations is the DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority).

Due to the continuously increasing amount of traffic, traffic jams are a permanent occurrence on Dubai's main streets. The new Dubai metro will help to ease this situation. Construction of the subway project began in October 2005. In September of 2009 the first ten stops of the first construction phase ("Red Line") were opened. The shorter "Green Line" is to follow in June of 2010 while the "Violet Line" serving the outskirts will open by 2012. Also being planned is a "Blue Line" which will connect the two airports Dubai International Airport and Dubai World Central International Airport. After completion, the total network will have a length of 166 km. None of the Dubai Metro subway trains will have drivers. The billion transportation project is thus the longest totally automated subway network in the world.


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