VACUTAP® VT on-load tap-changers on the offshore oil platforms of CNOOC

Offshore Oil Platform of CNOOC
Offshore Oil Platform of CNOOC

China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC for short) is the largest offshore oil and gas producer in China and its oil and gas production has reached 194 to 196 million tons of oil equivalents in 2008. CNOOC owns 50 oilfields (by the end of 2006) that are located in a 1.3-million-square-meter shelf in the South Chinese sea, East Chinese sea and Bohai Sea. On the offshore oil platforms in these regions, you can find over 54 poles of VACUTAP® VT tap-changers made by MR.


Only high-quality on-load tap-changers can adapt to the rigorous environment at sea. The VACUTAP® VT tap-changers are compact and small enough to save space on the offshore oil platforms that usually have limited space. Vacuum-interrupters that are used as load-switching contact elements are reliable and can be operated for 100,000 steps without maintenance which is a great advantage and saves a lot of time. What’s more, MR supplies simple but customer-friendly connections so that VACUTAP® VT tap-changers are tightly fastened to their transformers to effectively resist shaking caused by sea waves and even earthquake. VACUTAP® VT tap-changers are made of materials resistant to corrosion and fire, and they work in temperatures between -25℃ and +65℃.

Hubert Haering, General Manager of MRT

” VACUTAP® VT is one of the world’s first oil-free on-load tap-changers. We have introduced this advanced product to China and are very proud that VACUTAP® VT has been accepted by our Chinese customers and widely applied in offshore oil platforms, airports, tunnels and skyscrapers in China.”


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