What makes us tick?

We work hard to make the energy supply a little more reliable every day. We drive innovation through dedication and commitment. Our motivation to do our jobs with passion and make good decisions is based on some important basic principles. These principles are important to us and enable us to do our best again and again.

Integrity means honesty and transparency, fairness, candor and tolerance.

Our treatment of others, both internally and externally, follows our own standard of cooperative respect and equality. To us, professionalism means precise job performance as well as a high standard of quality regarding processes and results. We aim to impress customers with our portfolio of products and services as well as our commitment, even beyond the energy sector. That is why we consistently develop each and every program.

Dedication and commitment are a given for us.

We are not easily deterred and approach our work with persistence and spirit. We are not assistants, but rather are motivated by independent and responsible action, in order to bring our customers the best possible results. Our work meets these quality criteria: It is proactive, flexible and is highly available, with short reaction and implementation times.

Reliability is not lip service.

We don't make promises we can't keep and we take responsibility for our tasks. When we agree to do something, our colleagues and customers can count on us 100%.

We demonstrate our team spirit through our attentiveness, our willingness to help, our mutual support and our solidarity.

We also tackle complex projects successfully as a team. Our colleagues and our enjoyment in the work are never left by the wayside. We take time for one another and support each other.

At home locally and abroad.

As a family business, we can look back on a long tradition and have strong roots in the region. Without a history, there can be no future – that's an obligation. We are profoundly shaped by our home and are very down-to-earth. However, international projects are the order of the day. We think and act globally and are at home with international service and sales companies across the globe.


Job opportunities

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