Fleet management. We provide the expert solution.

While power transformers used to be assessed primarily on the basis of age (time-based maintenance), the current trend is towards condition-based maintenance. This requires having detailed knowledge of the condition of the transformers and all their components. The availability of an expansive database and, in particular, correct interpretation of all the information are vital.



This is where FLEETSCAN 2D, our new fleet management solution, comes in. We have developed a method of identifying critical units at exactly the right time and providing specific instructions about what action to take, including what to prioritize. The two-dimensional approach to data assessment is one of a kind: Our experts use the FLEETSCAN 2D matrix to consider the failure risk (short-term perspective which is mainly relevant for the OPEX budget) and the loss-of-life (long-term perspective, which is mainly relevant for the CAPEX budget).


Advantages of FLEETSCAN 2D


Results with immediate practical impact for service manager and asset manager


Flexible choice of assessment level


Minimal outage, maximal cost efficiency