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ETOS® - Embedded Transformer Operating System

Integrate intelligence easily.

Your benefits at
a glance

  • 1 system from 1 partner
  • Manufacturer-independent
  • Ability to connect third-party suppliers (sensors and data)
  • Maximum open: Supports integration in any environment
  • Maximum modular: Modular system of hardware and software
  • Savings along the entire value chain
  • High level of cyber security

Increasing requirements on energy networks make it a necessity to use intelligent equipment. The power transformer and its components are the key to this. ETOS® (Embedded Transformer Operating System) allows us to offer transformer manufacturers a complete open and modular solution on the path to digitalization for the first time.

There are currently a wide range of sensor and monitoring systems on the market. Clarifying the specification, connection and integration on the transformer poses enormous challenges for transformer manufacturers. Sensors and automation tasks are not integrated, and sensor signals often have to be recorded several times.


This is where our ETOS® complete solution comes in:

  • ETOS® is a control and monitoring concept on the transformer.
  • ETOS® is a data integrator and central communication interface for analog and digital signals and Information.
  • ETOS® is a control cabinet for optimizing your value chain – without raising the total costs.
  • ETOS® is modular and offers a complete solution for power transformers through function integration.
  • ETOS® is manufacturer-independent.

Our complete service includes consultation, configuration, selection of a suitable design and the engineering of the control cabinet, right up to production and commissioning at the customer's location. One solution, one contact partner.


ETOS® Designs and Packages.


For your value chain: Systematic advantages.

Our modular service and product concept helps to save time and reduce costs. Along your entire value chain.

  • The open and modular product concept helps the operator create an offer according to its specifications. We would be happy to support you over our local networks.
  • Calculation of your projects is flexible and can be quickly adapted to changes, so that you have transparency and reliability in terms of costs.
  • If new requirements emerge in your project or if the schedule has to be adjusted, you receive a statement from us quickly and reliably.
  • The speedy provision of individual offer documentation makes integration into your systems and technical clarification with your customers easier for you.
  • One contact partner for your entire secondary technical concept reduces the effort involved in clarifying technical aspects.
  • The open standard reduces the complexity involved in clarifying the compatibility of sensors/monitoring systems, and, thanks to aggregated data and communication interfaces, offers the possibility of a simple and fast entry into digital business models.
  • Our modular service and product concept allows you to adjust the scope of performance to customer orders individually.
  • Our digital solutions provide you with project documentation in accordance with your needs and makes integration into your management systems easier.
  • Innovative drive concepts for the on-load tap-changer (top drive) give you new options in the design layout of the transformer tank.
  • Individual control cabinets are no longer necessary thanks to function integration. This saves space and enables more flexible positioning of the remaining secondary technology.
  • Using ETOS® allows us to be your central contact partner for all aspects of secondary technology.
  • Thanks to our familiar, reliable logistics service and the open, modular service and product concept, we reduce your internal effort and increase your planning security.
  • Furthermore, the logistics concept can be individually and progressively optimized to your needs.
  • The simple integration of monitoring devices and sensors from other manufacturers in combination with our consistent operating concept reduces interfaces and makes it easier to handle new devices and functions.
  • The modular product concept ensures continuity in the installation process, while innovative drive concepts allow for the drive linkage to be omitted. This reduces the complexity for you during installation.
  • Automatic calibration as well as testing and commissioning wizards simplify working with our products and help prevent errors.
  • The installation is simple; customer documentation and the commissioning wizard are digital and available right on the device.
  • We would be happy to support you with services or training sessions, whether on-site at your plant or during commissioning at the transformer's installation site.
  • Our monitoring and diagnostic systems help to prevent faults early.
  • Thanks to the modular concept, simple retrofi tting is possible.