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Veitur Utilities PLC - Reykjavík, Iceland

“Smart transformers simplify our work.”

Watch the video to see how the gradual digitalization of transformers helps Icelandic network operator Veitur reduce costs and increase grid reliability.

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Important information about the project

  • Age of the transformers: 30 - 50 years
  • Increasing risk of failure
MR solution
  • Replacement of two old 25 MVA transformers with two intelligent 40 MVA transformers
  • Online transformer monitoring, bushing monitoring, DGA monitoring, cooling system control and voltage regulation
  • SCADA communication
Customer benefits
  • Efficient Plug & Play solution
  • All important data in one place, on just 1 panel
  • Increased operating safety
  • Since significantly more information about the transformers is available in real time, the state of the systems can be evaluated with much greater speed, efficiency and, especially, consistency.

Interview with Rúnar Svavar Svavarsson (Veitur Utilities PLC)


In this interview, Rúnar Svavar Svavarsson from the Icelandic network operator Veitur explains how new systems help him cut costs and increase the reliability of the grid.

You can read the interview here.