Contatti internazionali

Oil analyses for maximum operational reliability.

  • Oil sampling services; provision of sampling kits
  • Oil analysis at accredited oil labs (partner lab
    or in-house)
  • Interpretation of oil analysis data, e.g. transformer DGA, tap-changer DGA
  • Comprehensive reports and graphic data processing on an on-line platform
  • Oil diagnostics with added value - economically sensible recommendations
  • Increased operational reliability thanks to efficient, early fault detection: Prevents interruptions and downtimes

Analysis of the transformer oil is a tried-and-tested method for assessing the condition of a transformer. At our accredited oil laboratory or in partner labs around the world, we can perform all relevant oil analyses for transformers and on-load tap-changers and make definitive statements regarding the oil quality and moisture content.

We provide dissolved gas analyses (DGA) for transformer oil as well as tap-changer oil. Low-energy partial discharges and leakage current, local and temporary overheating as well as other defect patterns cause accelerated aging of the liquid and solid insulating materials due to formation of gases. If not detected in time, these sources of defects, fostered by increasing energy and thermal loads, can lead to cost-intensive failures and irreparable damage to transformers. DGA is a proven and reliable method for assessing the internal condition of a transformer or oil-filled electrical equipment.

Further analyses such as determination of moisture, determination of breakdown voltage or furan analyses are carried out to assess the condition of the transformer.


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