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Replacement of motor-drive units.

Your on-load tap-changer is working perfectly but your motor-drive unit is not? Your motor-drive unit is getting on a bit, often requires maintenance, and spare parts are getting harder to find? Or you would like to integrate a voltage regulator or monitoring system and therefore need a more intelligent drive? The TAPMOTION® ED motor-drive unit is the ideal solution for all of these situations.


  • We offer various adapter and console solutions for replacing any motor-drive unit such as the old MA2, 3 or 4 from MR or third-party drives from ACEC, Alstom, Elin, Elprom, TRO or Trafo Union.
  • We replace North American motor drive units with types MD-II or MD-III in accordance with ANSI standards for bolt-on tap-changers.
  • We replace the drives of de-energized tap-changers and arc suppression coils.