Quality starts with the voltage

Solutions for improving voltage quality and grid efficiency.

A stable energy supply with a standard-compliant voltage is an important economic success factor for all applications and is often a prerequisite for grid connection. System perturbations due to insufficient voltage quality result in increased costs and could even cause business processes to break down. Power quality solutions at your place of business contribute to voltage stabilization, compliance with standards and grid connection requirements and a significant increase in grid efficiency. We offer tailor-made solutions for a variety of applications:


Our innovative system solutions for industrial and public distribution grids are tailored to your individual requirements, “Made in Germany”, and permanently and reliably optimize your voltage quality. At the same time, our power quality solutions can be used in all areas of energy supply: from low-voltage to medium-voltage all the way to the high-voltage level.


Your advantages from power-flow management and voltage Quality.


  • Lower operating expenses
  • Reduce system perturbations
  • Provide system services
  • Maximize use of internally generated energy

  • Obtain and retain operating permits
  • Secure warranty claims and insurance protection
  • Limit liability risks
  • Deliver contract-compliant products

  • Avoid production disruptions
  • Optimize quality costs
  • Operate production equipment optimally

  • Reduce investment requirements
  • Reduce equipment wear and required maintenance
  • Maximize equipment utilization